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White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

YES to White Denim After Labor Day

YES to White Denim After Labor Day 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

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Wearing White Denim After Labor Day

There are some dated fashion rules that in 2018 you need to break! Such as mixing prints and patterns is actually a very chic way to dress, your shoes do not have to match your bag and navy combined with black pair perfectly together! Also please know that you can, and should ditch rule about not wearing white denim after Labor Day.

White combines perfectly with a darker pallet. In cooler weather look to dark knits, moto-jackets, and long trench coats that will give you a modern-classic vibe.

Tonal dressing is a favorite of mine and winter whites are at the top of my color list! Talk about an impressive (but effortless) way to dress! All white can be your go-to outfit for the ease of choosing an outfit as much as all-black can.

STYLE TIP: To keep your denim from looking seasonal, you will want crispy, clean and fitted white denim. Not loose and light fabric.

My exact denim I’m wearing here is actually a DIY. I took these jeans and cut them to ankle length. Leaving a small flare at the bottom.

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned LifeWhite Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life

White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life


White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life


White Denim After Labor Day - Her Fashioned Life


Photography: Cotroneo Photography

xx Tammy

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Solid and Striped Suit Her Fashioned Life

My Experience with Zerona

My Experience with Zerona 1616 1080 Tammy Caciola

Thailand Her Fashioned LifeZerona

I’m so excited to share my experience and results I have had with Zerona. I’ve been having treatments done for around three months and feel like I can give you an honest review!

Being that I am in my late 40’s, keeping in shape is not as easy as it once was for sure! I work out five times a week and eat a clean, gluten and dairy free diet. However, there were still some areas on my body that would not tone up to my liking. So when I saw Austin Body Contouring on Instagram, I was interested in learning more about what they were offering.

In the past, I have tried cool sculpting once, with no results and endermologie. Both of which are for toning and cellulite/fat removal.  I love endermologie for many reasons. However, it did not have a lasting effect on me. I had heard of Zerona but didn’t know anything about it until Ed at Austin Body Contouring educated me on the whole process. I’m up for trying pretty much any anti-aging procedure once, so I signed up to start my sessions.

I named this post My Experience With Zerona because this is one treatment where results will vary. There are a lot of lifestyle requirements that go along with the procedure. (Read more about those in the Q & A at the end of this post) Luckily I already lead a healthy lifestyle so no big changes here for me. You’ll need to stick to those lifestyle changes. Then if your body is functioning as needed, you should see changes happening in your body!


For me, Zerona has pretty much changed the shape of my thighs, helped with that back fat (Ewww) and thinned out my lower face and under my chin a bit. It basically took the fluff off my entire body. I am thrilled with the results! I continue to go weekly because, honestly, I don’t have to work out so hard and have more time for other things. Working out 4-5 times a week is still my lifestyle, however, now I can substitute a high cardio day now with some yoga or stretching.

Pre Treatment Prep

The first step is to schedule a consultation. There you can have all of the lifestyle needs explained to you and your questions answered. At Austin Body Contouring you can expect this to be 30 min of fat cell and Zerona education. During your consultation, Ed will go over your options, and you can decide together if Zerona is a good fit for you. Knowing this is important because it is a commitment and you don’t want to waste your time or money on a process that isn’t for you.

You will also have the option to start taking Milk Thistle and Nician before during and after your treatments. More about that below.

For Zerona to be effective your lymphatic system needs to be in top shape! You can read more about that here.

Zerona MachineTreatments

The Treatments are given in private rooms.  Leaving your underwear and bra on, you then lay on a massage table that is covered with fresh linen. There are blankets to cover parts that are being treated. The machine is then placed over the body part that you want to treat, 3″ away from your skin. The technician then pushes a button that turns the machine on for 20 min and leaves the room. You are free to have your phone during the entire treatment. I do not experience ANY pain.. at all. I sometimes even fall asleep!

Austin Body Contouring does do it a little differently than other places I’ve researched. Their sessions are 2 hours, once a week.  So you get 6- 20 minutes sessions in 2 hours. Surprisingly the machine does not have to be placed on every body part to work. I’ve only had it focused on my belly, back, front thigh, and back thighs. However, I see results on my arms and face. So cool right?!

Is it worth it? Honestly, it works for me. Especially at the price point that Austin Body Contouring offers!

zerona machineAustin Body Contouring

Q & A


How is Zerona different from other fat reducing treatments?

Zerona drains a fat cell where most other procedures kill fat cells.  While killing fat cells may sound better, the problem occurs when an individual gains weight after killing the fat cells. Since the fat cells are now gone permanently, should you gain weight later in life, the fat will now have to go to a “new” place in the body since the “dead fat” cells have not been replaced. This can result in a person looking unproportioned or as some would say “lumpy.”

Describe your ideal patient for receiving Zerona treatments?

Individuals looking to gain a healthier lifestyle are ideal candidates for Austin Body Contouring.  The ideal patient for Zerona will have a healthy liver, lymphatic system, and Kidneys.  These 2 organs and 1 system process the released fat out of the body (after it has been released during the treatments) via bodily functions.

Talk about the supplements to be taken and lifestyle to maintain during treatments.

We ask that our clients consider taking Niacin (B3) for its vasodilating effects.  This will help “flush” the fat out via bodily functions.

Milk thistle is recommended to aid the liver in cleansing and detoxing.

We coach our clients in “Eating Well to Live Well” and recommend they follow a “Lean, Clean & Green Plan.” Meaning; Lean proteins and good fats, Clean unprocessed whole foods and plenty of green vegetables. The green veggies are high in fiber, great for the liver and lymphatic system and lower sugar levels than some other vegetables.

How long can the results be maintained?

Once you have completed your treatments, we recommend that you get on the scale daily.  If you maintain the same weight and healthy lifestyle, your results will remain indefinitely.

How do you keep your prices so low?

We have multiple machines which affords us the ability to treat more people on a daily basis, thus allowing us to maintain a competitive price.

How many treatments would be most beneficial?

Understanding that everyone is truly unique, 3 treatments is a great place to start.  One of 2 things will occur:

  1. You will achieve enough of a change to “jump-start” your journey,
  2. Or, you will be able to look at the results you have experienced and determine if the time and investment make sense for your specific situation.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you’ve tried Zerona in the past or you are wanting to try it now!


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Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion

Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola

Your guide to resale fashion Balmain top Silk kimono jacket Silk kimono jacket Silk kimono jacket

Designer Resale

I am, much to my husband’s chagrin, a self-proclaimed shopping addict. I so love beautiful clothes, bags, and shoes! If you are like me,  and love designer pieces, there is no better way to purchase them at a substantial discount than at The RealReal. I have been shopping this online resale site for a couple of years now, and I’m obsessed with it! If you’re not familiar with The RealReal,  it’s time to do yourself a favor and check out the majorly designer pieces!

The site can be overwhelming considering the massive amount of inventory they have. I’ve received alot of questions about how to navigate the site. So I wanted to share my tips that will help you find the items you love for 70% off without wasting your time shopping around in circles.

1. Know Your Size

When your out shopping, go ahead and try on the Gucci shoes and Burberry trench that you LOVE….but cannot justify paying the high price. Because you might find that exact piece for 70% off and you will want to be able to click buy now with confidence and a big smile, knowing you just scored a fantastic deal!

2. Start Obsessing

Use the hearts next to the items to bookmark them to your obsessions tab. This lets you keep track of items your interested in. Also, if they go on sale that will be reflected there. Highly coveted items will go very quickly so don’t wait long if you know you want it. I am still bummed about missing out on a gorgeous Chloe denim long coat because I waited too long to pull the trigger.

3. Use The 20% Discount Code

There will be a 20% off code at the top of the screen in red! Use that code when you check out. It will apply to pretty much everything except Chanel Bags and a couple of other high-end brands. They will be marked letting you know there is not a discount available.

4. Search Tool

Searching for the exact item you’re looking for is easy. Click on the magnifying tool in the top right corner and just type in what you want.. for example —MaxMara Coat. Then choose “refine” to select your size, color and such. When the results pop up, you can push save, and that search will go into your feed.

5. Customize “Your Feed”

There is a feature only on their app called a feed. This is my go-to way to shop the site! Starting your personalized feed is easy. Start by using their search tool. (See above) When I go to the sight, I mainly scroll my feed for items I’m on the lookout for. Your feed can be more general also, like Frame tops in size XS, or you can also specify a color. It’s super easy and addicting!

The good pieces sell FAST, and this lets you see them right away!

6. Wait List

So you search for your perfect shoe or bag, and it’s sold out! Click “add to the wait list” to be notified if the item comes back in stock. Also, if you have an item on your obsessions that just sold, add it to your waitlist, and you will be notified if it gets returned!

7. Returns

Be sure to click on the Returns Policy tab, next to the details, on every item you purchase. It will be different if the item is more than 20% off. Most Chanel is non-returnable. ALWAYS check this so you don’t get caught with something that doesn’t fit or you end up not liking. You also have to pay the return shipping. However, you do get access to a convenient printable label.

8. Authentic Guaranty

You can purchase with confidence because The RealReal has a team of experts that authenticates every item and gives you a 100% guarantee or your money back.

I hope this guide inspires you to score some designer goods for your closet!

I’d love to hear if you have bought resale fashion before and what your experience was in the comments below!


photography by Cathy Sunu

Shopping- Most Items have a code for an additional 20% off


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Small Changes To Detox Your Life

Small Changes To Detox Your Life 1616 1080 Tammy Caciola

detox your life

I’m just getting back from a very long, restful vacation to Thailand! I have quite a few pictures and video highlights from my Instagram stories for you to watch. What an insanely beautiful county I was so blessed to visit with my family. If you’re interested in a travel post about that, let me know in the comments below!

Coming back after being gone for half a month, I was able to gain a new perspective on my life, house, and habits. Now I’m going to implement these small changes in my life to detox my daily life, and give me the healthy, stress-free lifestyle I want and deserve.

Detox Plan

  • Journal – I’m in no way a huge journal fan. However, I do have a lovely book I want to write two things (quick and easy) that I’m grateful for every day. No particular time to do this, life is crazy in the mornings with school and kids, but it just needs to be done before I go to bed. What do I hope this will do for me? Well, The Latin root, gratus, implies pleasure or something pleasing. So, to be grateful is to be full of pleasure. A positive attitude is always a good thing!
  • Drink More Water – I know I’ve said and probably you too have said, “I need to drink more water” at least a dozen times in life, but I have a plan now! Lemons!! I love to drink flavored water, so the house will not be without lemons for my water. Working from home, I’m able to have a pitcher of flavored water that I premake in the morning. By the end of the day, the glass pitcher should be empty. Benefits include more energy, skin hydration,(Fewer wrinkles yay!) weight management, headache prevention, boosting the immune system, and more, all from drinking more water!  BONUS: lemon has detox properties for your liver!
  • Clean Out The Hidden Spaces – Having older kids, I do not have to deal with toys exploding all over the house, I did my time! So, my house is relatively tidy most of the time. However, the closets, pantry, drawers, and cabinets drive me crazy if not cleaned out and organized. Usually, this gets a fresh start when you move, but we have been in the same house for 12 years, and they all need some attention! Purging more unneeded items it at the top of my list. Read how to declutter your closet, and you’ll be motivated to do the same!

And that’s it. Starting with those three things, then when they are a part of my daily life I’ll add more.

Do you have any habits you want to commit to for a healthy happier life?

xx – Tammy

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Striped Blazer

Tips To Rock A Blazer All Summer Long

Tips To Rock A Blazer All Summer Long 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola

Summer Blazers

From cut-off shorts to maxi dresses and jeans, a blazer will elevate just about any outfit. You can incorporate this outfit-maker year around using the tips I have below.

Show more skin

Pushing up the sleeves not only gives you a cool girl look, but it also helps with the heat of summer.  In addition, choosing a light sleeveless top to wear under is key. I have on long white denim, but a blazer over cut-off shorts is a favorite look of mine! The contrast between structured and casual pieces is perfect.

Take It Off

If you’re running around in the 100-degree heat and not in the A/C, take it off! You can carry it and still get the impact of having a chic layer.

Wear As A Cape

Wearing as a jacket over your shoulders looks so chic don’t you think? This is my favorite way to wear outerwear. BONUS…wearing a blazer like this, also helps with the heat.


Choosing the right material such as linen or a lightweight natural fabric will also give you relief during the summer.

You can see of my shoppable blazer pick’s throughout this post. Also check out The RealReal (I’ve scored Hermes for $95.00 and Dolce & Gabbana for & $75.00, Seriously!) Shopbob and Revolve for more choices!

If you haven’t read my post about buying designer pieces for less you be sure to check that!

xx – Tammy

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