Her Fashioned Life wearing black wide-leg pants and a denim jacket for spring

5 Tips For Styling Wide Leg Pants

5 Tips For Styling Wide Leg Pants 2048 2560 Tammy Caciola

Her Fashioned Life wearing black wide-leg pants and a denim jacket for spring

Pants // Top // Denim Jacket

5 Tips for Styling Wide-Leg Pants

Have you ever found a wardrobe staple so good you never want to take it off? For me, it’s wide-leg pants. Besides being comfortable, wide-leg pants are a versatile and on-trend fashion statement women of any age can wear. This style is so easy to dress up with heels for a night out or down with sneakers for weekend errands! If you’re looking beyond your leggings and denim for a style change, you have to try the wide-leg pant. Below I’m sharing five style tips on how to wear wide-leg pants effortlessly.

Are you looking for more trends this spring? Check out my recent post here, styling a bright orange dress for the season.

Style tips:

1.) Tuck in your shirt

This small effort will elongate and accentuate your waist in the best way! Wide-leg pants are typically high-waisted, so go for a full or half tuck to bring out the details when in doubt.

2.) Balance the proportions with a slim-fitted top and a cropped jacket

As you can see, I’m following this style tip in most looks below because wide-leg pants look so much better with a slim-fitted top and jacket. Not sure which jacket to wear? When in doubt, go with denim!

3.) Heels will dress them up

If you’re heading somewhere a bit fancier, pair your wide-leg pants with your favorite heels to dress them up! One of my favorite things about wide-leg pants is that they are versatile and will take you flawlessly to any occasion.

4.) Sneakers should be on the chunky side

Since wide-leg pants are a bit flowier and on the longer side, wear a platform sneaker or something slightly chunkier than your average shoe. This will elongate your legs and make you look thinner; it will also allow your sneakers to be seen!

5.) Wear cropped pants with open-toe shoes

Since wide-leg pants can be a bit longer, grab a pair of cropped wide-leg pants to wear with open-toe shoes like sandals in the spring and summer!

Wide Pants Styled Below

Army Green Wide-Leg Trousers and a Denim Jacket for spring and summer

Pants // Top // Jacket // Heels

How gorgeous is this army green color for year-round wear?! This shade is coveted by so many and can easily be paired with any other color in your wardrobe! These pants are very flattering and run TTS.

Wide-Leg Denim pants and a white blouse | her fashioned life

Pants // Top // Heels

Denim and wide legs? Yes, please! These are some of my favorite pants from my recent Evereve haul. They are so on-trend and can be paired with anything you already own. These pants have been a top seller for me. See them in motion here.

Wide-Leg White pants for spring with a white v-neck and navy and white striped cardigan

Pants // Top // Heels // Button-Up

These wide-leg trousers can be easily dressed up or down. These fit amazingly! I love the soft cream color for spring and summer—size down one size.

Her Fashioned Life wearing a black jumpsuit with wide-leg pants

Pants// Swimsuit // Hat // Beach Bag

Not sure where to wear your wide-leg pants? Flaunt them at the beach as a cover-up because… why not?! I love this chic black-on-black look I wore on one of my recent travel endeavors. The Shoreline is a favorite designer of mine, and these pants are perfection! I’m wearing a 0 here.

Linen Pants

Sunglasses // Necklace // Jean Vest // Jean Jacket // Linen Pants // Clutch // Sneakers

A denim jacket with linen pants is a great daytime look that is laid-back and casual, and it also works for cooler summer evenings or air-conditioned indoor spaces. Pair with sneakers for running errands or swap for wedges for a cute daytime look. I also added this denim vest underneath for a chic denim-on-denim look. Check out this post for all things styling linen pants.

Wide Leg Pants

Blazer // Tank // Pants

One of my newest obsessions is these Spanx Crepe Trousers. They are made of the most beautiful material and are a perfect neutral tone for many style combinations.


Black Wide-Leg pants and a denim jacket

Pants // Sneakers // Top // Jacket

There is a reason why these wide-leg pants by Spanx have been on my top 5 Selling Items of the week for four weeks straight! First, they are Spanx… so you know you’re going to love the fit, fabric, and price! Next, let’s talk about the Air Luxe fabric! Besides being breathable and light, it’s incredibly soft! These pants also come in 3 lengths. I have on a size XS in the regular length. You can see them in motion below!

I have a discount code for you! FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX will get you 10% off plus free shipping and returns!


xx Tammy

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flow water

5 Ways To Have A Happier & Healthier 2020

5 Ways To Have A Happier & Healthier 2020 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

flow water

Leggings // Puffer Coat (under $50) // Top // Sneakers,  Dupes // Flow Water

happier healthier 2020

Happier & Healthier 2020

A new decade is upon us, and with it, I’m feeling a sense of freshness and positive energy. These first few weeks of the new year are filled with resolutions and goals. So what can you do to have a happier & healthier 2020?

My top 5 tips are below for a happier & healthier 2020


You probably know this, but water is good for you, like really good for you! Your body is made up of 60% water, making water fundamental to our wellness. Not drinking enough water daily will lead to mild dehydration. I have to admit I am guilty of not drinking enough water. That I why, I have decided to partner with Flow Hydration and join their healthy hydration challenge of drinking 2 liters of alkaline water a day for 30 days. I’m excited to see the difference hydrating my body will make! You can join me as well! Use the LINK HERE for a two for one discount off Flow Packs of water to stock up for the challenge!

Happier & Healthier 2020


Whether you’re concerned with saving trees, using less energy, or saving water, a sustainable lifestyle will help the planet. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Water packaging can be a significant drain on sustainability. I can rest easy knowing the fact that Flow Hydration is a mindfull company that has created a 100% recyclable package and is made with a low carbon imprint.


If you follow my Instagram, you know, I’m a big proponent of positive thinking. I’ve seen this in action in my life and believe that positive thoughts attract a positive life. Your attitude controls your life, so control your attitude and control your life.


Creating a morning routine will help your entire day get off to a productive start. My morning routine starts with a vegan protein shake and taking my daily supplements. Then I take my son to school and go workout. I’ll be adding drinking 1 liter of alkaline water before noon to my routine during the Flow challenge. A morning routine will help you overcome procrastination and be a more positive, healthier person. It basically will set you up for success.


It seems like everyone is talking about eliminating clutter. I always feel like I’ve had a good detox after I clean out a closet or space that has become cluttered. I will remove everything that is not currently serving me, and I do not have a use for. Then donate the purged items to be reused by someone else.  Valuable items can be sold on resale sites.

Happier & Healthier 2020

When you share your intention on social media, tag #intheflow30 on Instagram to be entered to win a one-year supply of Flow and more!

Sponsored by: Flow

Photography by: Cathy Sunu Photography

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How To Shop With Like To Know It

How To Shop With Like To Know It 608 1080 Tammy Caciola

shop liketoknow.itLiketoknow.it

If you’re unfamiliar with Liketoknow.it, or entirely at a loss of how to use it, your not alone!  Liketoknow.it takes a little bit of work to get going, but after you do the easy registration, it’s a quick way to shop my daily looks.

shop liketoknow.itThe first thing you to do is go to the app store and download the liketoknow.it app.   Then register your name and email.

Next, you will need to tap on the search influencers tab and search my name, Herfashionedlife, and follow me. That’s all it takes!  You can then quickly scroll through my shoppable outfits and products on that app. Also, anytime you screenshot a picture on your phone from my feed or stories, a shoppable email will be sent to you automatically.

DIRECT LINK TO MY Liketoknow.it here – www.liketoknowit.com/herfashionedlife

After you have the app downloaded, another easy way to shop is on Instagram.  For another simple way to shop my looks, you can follow me on Instagram HERE. Then go to an outfit post you like, screenshot it on your phone, and you will get a shoppable email sent to you.

Lastly, if you shop on this website, you do not need to sign up for Liketoknow.it. You can get right to what you want just by clicking the link that shows up after you tap the picture.


I make a small commission off your purchase only if you do one of the above. I truly appreciate it when you shop any of these methods. It helps me to know what your liking, so I can focus more on that. The commission helps validate all of the hours I put into this business. Lastly, brands love to look at my engagement level for active shoppers.

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monochrome dressing

How To Nail A Monochrome Outfit

How To Nail A Monochrome Outfit 1871 1080 Tammy Caciola

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Dress // Trench // Heels // Clutch // Earrings // Diamond Necklace

Monochrome Styling

Monochrome dressing is one of my favorite ways to put an outfit together!  It’s also the easiest way to a chic look. When you know how to do it well, dressing in all one color looks expensive, thought-out and just good!

The secrete is to mix up textures. Choose a fuzzy white knit with a white satin skirt and white boots. However, you can look to styling a simple day look also. Try a denim on denim outfit or pair a blue silk top with blue denim jeans and blue suede sandals.

Mixing color tones will also give your outfit more interest. In this post, I have velvet, cotton and patent leather all in blush tones. This outfit is such a great Valentines Day look but would also be amazing any time of the year.

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned LifeMonochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

Monochrome Dressing Her Fashioned Life

In Collaboration with Dooney & Bourke

Photography by Cathy Sunu

Location Hotel Ella

xx Tammy

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The Lagree Studio Her Fashioned Life

Inside The Lagree Studio

Inside The Lagree Studio 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

The Lagree Studio

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I’m at The Lagree Studio quite often. I have been going to THE LAGREE STUDIO since they opened up at their Galleria location (they now have three locations) in January of 2015.  I wanted to share this fantastic workout with you because it is a part of my exercise regimen. Using the megaformer at The Lagree Studio is super intense, to say the least. The only challenge is that the class doesn’t get any easier, and that’s why it’s so good!

In just a 45 min workout session, you will get a high-intensity, full-body workout with no impact on your joints or spine. However, don’t forget that it’s not easy. This is the same workout that celebrities turn to such as Mark Wahlberg, Meghan Markle, and Victoria Secret models.

Slow Movement = Quick Results

The results you will see in your body such as core strength & booty lift are going to come from having constant tension on your muscles to the point of failure, so they will literally start to shake. This is the best because it means your body is changing! Did I mention the burn?

It’s about the tempo – the slower it is, the more muscles will activate.

Know Before You Go:

Sign up in advance, as class size is limited. If you are new, arrive 15 minutes before class starts to go over the proper use of the megaformer.

What To Bring & Wear:

Long leggings with tops that are not constricting. Try to avoid loose-fitting clothing. Grip socks are required and can be purchased there if you need. Bring water and a workout towel, so you’re ready to sweat.

What To Expect In The Class:

There are several different types of classes; all described here on their website. Some will have a machine called a Versa Climber added for more fat-burning cardio. However, all classes will have great music and a motivating instructor. The instructor will walk around the room and gently help you with your form if they see a problem with it. Small changes to your movement are everything in this workout! I love having all the help I can get, as this ensures a safe and effective workout.

Constent Tension – Fast Transtions – Slow Movements


The Lagree Studio Her Fashioned Life

The Lagree Studio Her Fashioned LifeThe Lagree Studio

Founder and Owner Valentina Gaylord’s primary mission in opening THE LAGREE STUDIO was to provide a place where her clients could come to not only get into the best shape of their lives, but to rehabilitate their bodies, revitalize their souls and embrace and recapture their passion for life, love, health, and wellness. The inspiration for the studio came easily as she watched her husband, Olympic Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord, constantly working to rehabilitate his body after a successful, but vigorous career, find relief in the Lagree Method while still living in California. That paired with her own experience with the effectiveness of the method solidified their passion for the workout, and when they moved to Austin, they knew they needed to share this revolutionary workout with everyone!

Valentina has kindly agreed to answer some questions below.

What is The Lagree Method?

This HIIT, Strength Training and Pilates-Inspired workout utilizes the Lagree Fitness Megaformer and the VersaClimber to effectively combine Strength, Endurance, Balance, Core, Mobility and Cardiorespiratory training, not only in one session but in each and every move. It is intense on the muscles, but low to zero impact and safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.

How often should a person go to get results?

If a client is looking to lose weight, sculpt and tone their body, we suggest taking 3 – 5 classes per week combined with our Leaner with Lagree Guidebook for rapid results.  We have seen our clients lose 12 – 18 pounds and over 20 total body inches in their first month and over 50 pounds in 4 months.

If a client is looking to sculpt and tone their body, we suggest 2 – 3 times per week.  The results will come quickly and are easy to maintain using our method.

Is this workout good for all fitness levels? Would LaGree be a good tool to rehab injuries?

Yes, this is an exceptional workout for people of all ages and all fitness levels including all stages of pregnancy. 

We have clients with double knee replacements, hip replacements, and back issues that are regaining their strength, balance, and range of motion.  All of our instructors go through extensive training before they begin teaching at our studios.  Our Instructors are all Level One and Advanced Level Two trained and are trained by certified Master Trainers to offer our clients injury specific modifications, functional movement, and postural alignment to ensure mobility and balance as we age. 

Our Megaformer and VersaClimber combination classes are designed to burn over 1200 calories in 50 minutes and to alleviate stress from the body and immune system, which is an excellent combination for clients with autoimmune diseases.

You also offer the InBody 570 body analysis. Tell us more about that.

Yes, we offer the InBody 570.  The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis.  It not only analyzes how much fat and muscle you have, but it also measures your Total Body Water and divides it into Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water – values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness or fitness contexts.

With these water values, we can identify and track inflammation, swelling, and even injuries with ECW/TBW Analysis while monitoring how this ratio changes over time with the Body Composition History chart.

Do you offer an introductory price and random special prices?

Yes, we have three introductory offers for our new clients.  We offer a first class for $25, the first week for $49 and a first month of unlimited access for $169.  Throughout the year, we will offer specials online for new clients and students.

For more information about THE LAGREE STUDIO and their multiple Austin locations visit their website here.

Hope to see you in class soon!

In Collaboration with THE LAGREE STUDIO

Video & Photography: Blake Takushi

xx Tammy

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