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A hoodie is definitely a  piece of clothing you need in your closet! The only issue with buying one is that it might be sold out the very next day! Whether designer brand or not they are selling fast in the fashion world! So if you see one you love, grab it before it’s gone! I waited too long on an Isabele Marant hoodie and I’m still bummed about it! I did, however, buy the Proenza Schouler piece and styled it for my post, How To Style A Hoodie 8 Ways. Be sure to read that for styling ideas to get the most out of your purchase!

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How To Style A Hoodie 8 Different Ways

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Black Hoodie Styled with Plaid Jacket - Her Fashioned Life

Proenza Hoodie styled with plaid jacket and yellow clutch - Her Fashioned Life


The Essential Hoodie

If you are wondering how to layer a hoodie then your on the right track girl! The hoodie has gone mainstream thanks to the street style stars and celebrities wearing it non-stop! I think every girl needs at least one hoodie in their closet! It is such a versatile piece that it can be worn throughout the year.

Style Options

I’m here to share some easy style tips on how you can start layering a hoodie like a pro and work it into your everyday life!

  • Sporty –  Try a hoodie sweatshirt with a knitted beanie, black denim or leggings, and sneakers. You can also layer the hoodie under a bomber or varsity jacket. I love all-black clothing with a contrasting light grey jacket!
  • Grunge – Start with a graphic t-shirt, add your zip-up hoodie, destroyed denim and then top it all with a long wool coat. For shoes, you can go with a vintage sneaker or my new favorite combat boot.
  • Girlish – Style a black hoodie over a black and white printed short skirt, sneakers and a bright bag or clutch.
  • Masculine – Wear it layered under a trench with skinny jeans and vintage sneakers. I did this above with the plaid trench and added white boots to elevate the look! A bright bag will add interest to the outfit!
  • Contrast – Pairing it with a pencil skirt that is also lace is super cute! Another contrasting look would be a satin pleated maxi skirt. However, make sure to go with a high waisted skirt and a cropped version hoodie for the proportions to work.
  • Casual – This is a favorite look of mine! I love a light colored hoodie with a light denim jacket, don’t forget to push up the sleeves. Then go black or grey denim with black or white sneakers!
  • Chic – All black everything! Just play with proportions and textures of leather, denim, cotton and uber chic fur! For shoes choose a pointed toe boot or thigh-high boots with heels!
  • Athletic – Run around town in your yoga pants, hoodie with a puffer vest or nylon sporty jacket layered over and athletic shoes.

I love that the hoodie has a bit of a boyish feel. If you love this tomboy look don’t miss my post here, 4 Menswear Pieces To Add To A Girls Closet.

Outfit Details


Plaid Trench

White Boots



Thanks so much for reading! Have you been layering hoodie’s in your daily outfits or excited to start?! Hope I gave you some inspiration to start if you haven’t already!

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xx- Tammy

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