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5 Valuable Podcasts For Your Blog

5 Valuable Podcasts For Your Blog 1500 1000 Tammy Caciola

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I am a bit late to the podcast game, but I’m rapidly catching up! If you are still not sold on listening to podcasts, you’re missing out on a learning and entertainment style that is highly addictive! Whether you are looking for how to build a kick-ass web site or a fun science podcast for your kids on the drive to school, there is something for everyone.

I’ve listed below my current top five for building your SEO on your website/blog posts and marketing with social media. There are dozens of fantastic podcasts full of great content, and I’ve been obsessed with these particular podcasts because the material is all actionable and fluff is minimal!

I listen to podcasts on my phone with the preloaded podcast app. These are also available on I-Tunes, Spotify, and other formats.

BONUS: I have also included an affirmation podcast. Blogging can be a bit of a drain on our positive energy sometimes. I find it to be helpful to start the day or week with a focused affirmation. There are many inspirational shows out there. The one I choose will focus in on topics such as sleep, school, and gratitude.

Do you have a favorite podcast? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

The Blog Millionaire

Host – Brandon Gaille

Length – 15-30 min! Easy snackable content.

Format – All information is from Brandon with simple step by step guides and examples of how to put it all of his game-changing knowledge into play.

Show Notes – Yes, add the episode number to his website

Interesting Fact – Brandon will repost and tag you, to his vast social media following if you post, tweet or mention him in a Facebook post.

Why I love it -Brandon’s message is very clear and to the point about his topics. The podcasts are short and highly actionable! If I listen to a How To Build A Better SEO Blog Post Title, I come away with the know-how of how to make it happen.

Episodes you might like:

The Perfect Blog Post Sidebar Formula

Double Your Google Traffic by Adding the Right Words to Blog Post Titles

Social Media Marketing

Host – Michael Stelzner

Length – 45 minutes

Format – Interviews with successful business and marketing people covering all things social media.

Show notes – Yes, on his website (links are included in the show notes so you can refer to them after the show)

Interesting Fact – At the beginning of each show, a useful phone app or web tool is introduced, that can be used to improve your social media marketing skills in one way or another.

Why I love it – Michael’s interview choices are always top tier and have valuable information to transform your marketing and blog strategies.

Episodes you might be interested in:

Search for Social Ads: How to Use Google With Facebook to Build Niche Audiences

Google Tag Manager: What Marketers Need to Know


Manly Pinterest Tips

Host – Jeff Sieh

Length – 45-60 min

Show notes – Yes, on his website,

Format – Interview mostly

Interesting Fact –  Pinterest was by far the number one traffic source from my other blog. If you are not taking advantage of Pinterest, you are missing out! The traffic can take a month or so to build, but then it will be continuous. Just keep pinning!

Why I love it – Knowing how important Pinterest is to my blog, I searched out for a podcast to help me dive deeper into it and found Manly Pinterest Tips. Jeff is easy to listen to and follow along with.  His interviews are all actionable and have information that will up your blogging game!

Episodes not to miss:

The Power of Promoted Pins

The Formula for High Performing Content


Host – Madalyn Sklar

Length – 15- 30 min

Show notes – Yes, on her website

Format – Interview

Interesting Fact – I love that Madalyn starts out her interviews asking the guest to share their Twitter tips with us and then closes the show asking what some of their favorite tools are to manage social media.

Why I love it – Twitter is a platform I didn’t know much about. However after listening to Madalyn’s shows. I’m very excited to be more involved the Twitter community.

Episodes you will love:

Cleaver Ways to Use Click to Tweet

Building a Twitter Power Following


Host – Josie Ong

Length – 10 minutes

Show Notes – No

Format – Josie has an intro, then 10 min of Affirmations and finally a closing.

Interesting fact – Josie also offers mini-courses, workbooks, and worksheets on her website. You can also subscribe by email and have the podcasts delivered that way!

Why I love it – It’s so simple to get listen to in the morning car ride, shower or before bed. She will get you in the mindset you need to be in to succeed!

Episodes you might like here:

23 Affirmation – Here You Are Successful

6 Affirmations – Better Sleep

53 Affirmation – School Life Balance (Love this one on the way to school for my kids)


Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you find these podcasts helpful in your life and business! Be sure to read How To Start Your Blog The Right Way also for more blogging tips!

xx Tammy

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