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Packing Essentials For A Resort Staycation

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It seems like, finding 7-10 days to block out over summer vacation without having to worry kids is not an easy task. The easy part is finding a fantastic destination resort that is still within a 2-hour drive from my house in Austin! When you stay closer to home, childcare is more accessible. Also, by taking out the expense of your travel, going more often is more doable!

For most of us, our goal on an adult vacation is to relax and reconnect with each other as a couple. Honestly, sometimes traveling long-distance to very foreign places can end up causing more stress than relaxation. So it’s no surprise that staycations have surged in popularity all over the country recently! With fabulous resorts being more common now, heading to a close retreat is becoming the new chic getaway!

What should you pack to ensure your staycation goes smoothly, and you get the rest you deserve? Take a look at my essential checklist below and be sure to pin it to your Pinterest board for future reference.

Must Bring Items

Duffle Bag or Small Luggage

Because you will not be checking your bags for air travel, you can choose a luxe bag to pack.  Taking a nice duffle bag will elevate your trip!

Fragrance Mist

The smell of a room is a big trigger for me. Bringing my own fragrance spray just makes me happy and feel more at home! Below are my personal favorites.

Charger/Battery Pack

Yes, this is a time to unplug, but you’re going to want music, right? If you don’t have a charge pack yet, you need one! #gamechanger

Bluetooth Speaker Music changes the mood at the pool for the better!

Silk Pillowcases

Pool/Beach Tote


Eye Mask




Yeti Tumbler

Perfect for keeping your drink cold on hot days at the pool.

What To Wear On Your Staycation

Plan to bring versatile pieces to make the most of your outfits. I have a couple of shoppable choices below for a weekend staycation.


I like to bring my own robe and cozy pieces to be lazy in!

Bathing Suit


Day Dress

Dinner Dress

Light Jacket


Button Up Shirt

Graphic Tee

If you want more packing tips, be sure to check out my post 11 Packing Hack for Smoother Travel.

xx Tammy

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