2023 Fall Fashion Trends

2023 Fall Fashion Trends

2023 Fall Fashion Trends 1667 2000 Tammy Caciola

2023 Fall Fashion Trends

We’ve seen it all when it comes to fall fashion trends over the years. If I’ve learned anything being in the fashion business, it’s that trends come and go, and they almost always make a comeback. If you’ve been waiting to see what 2023 fall fashion trends you should watch, this post is full of great fashion predictions for the coming months.

Fall Fashion Trend #1: Red

I typically reserve bright red colors for the holiday season, but I am so excited to see it come in style earlier this year! From crimson tops and jackets to fiery red-colored handbags and shoes, you’re going to want to pull out your red pieces from the back of your closet or grab a new item or two from the list below!

Fall Fashion Trend #2: Suede

Suede is going to be trending in popularity this fall. Suede is actually quite easy to incorporate in small, classic ways that won’t break the bank. It’s as simple as carrying a suede bag, wearing a great pair of suede boots, or adding a suede belt to your outfit.

Fall Fashion Trend #3: Denim

Denim pieces are truly timeless. Some popular ways to wear denim include your go-to jeans, denim skirts, jumpsuits, denim jackets, etc. Personally, I love a good pair of wide-leg denim jeans. These are my favorites!

Fall Fashion Trend #4: Varsity Sweater

The preppy style is on the rise this fall, and one of my favorite pieces for that is a varsity sweater. It is a chic and timeless design. Perfect for throwing on with some trousers to wear to the office or pairing with some denim for a casual fall day.

Fall Fashion Trend #5: Kitten Heels

Classic sling-back kitten heels are so stylish. With a pointed front end to match the thin heel, a low-cut back, and a top that manages to cover the toes, you may fall in love with the shape. You may also adore the fact that these can be worn with casual, professional, or formal ensembles.

Fall Fashion Trend #6: Vest

I’m seeing lots of sweater vests and tanks coming out right now, and this is one of my favorite 2023 fall fashion trends. In fact, I’ve already added a couple to my closet.

This is a nice wear now-and-later piece because they’re short-sleeved or sleeveless, with enough room to layer underneath when the weather cools.

Fall Fashion Trend #7: Sneaker

A good pair of sneakers is a fall staple. As the temperatures start to drop, you might find yourself reaching for your closed-toe shoes. These sneakers are one of my personal favorites. They are vintage-inspired and so comfy!

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