Chic Summer Layers

Chic Summer Layers

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Long Cardigan (Similar$29.00) // Black Silk Top // Belt // White Denim // Purse // Shoes // Necklace // Necklace

Summer Layers

Living in Texas and Arizona my whole life, you wouldn’t think I would need to know about summer layers. It’s funny though in these extremely hot days (above 100 most of July and August) everywhere you go indoors, the AC is turned down so low it’s freezing cold. Don’t think about going to the grocery store or movie theater without a jacket! So, I have had to layer my summer outfits a lot. I feel like layers are much more interesting anyway!

Chic Layers

To me, achieving a chic look means ditching the patterns, unless it’s a stripe. Going with solid pieces is what will give you timeless, chic style. (This blazer here is so good!) However, make sure to mix in light materials and show some skin on your first layers. I have on a light silk, sleeveless top here.

If you wear pants, keep them shorter, so your ankles show instead of entirely covering them. I had mine hemmed here, but you can just cut them off as well. Your outfit will feel lighter. Showing more skin also helps keep you cooler in the heat. White or lightly destroyed denim are both excellent choices.

If you keep your accessories neutral and made of organic materials, that will give you a summer feel. The texture in my purse and mules are a perfect example of lighting up a long cashmere duster. I can take it off in the hot car and have it on to snuggle up in a movie!

Chic Summer Accessories

How To Wear Layers in Summer

Accessories with Texture - Woven Mules and Rope Bag

Long Dusters

Long Dusters are my favorite layer. They are so so versatile! From shorts to skirts and destroyed denim, a duster will bring your outfit to the next level.



Long Cardigan Style in Summer

Head-to-Toe Style in Chic Summer Layers

Summer Shoe Style - Slip On Woven Mules Gucci Belt Style In Summer


Blazers are an ideal layer for looking a bit more put together. This blush pink linen blazer for $17.49 is a no-brainer for summer layers!


Summer Fashion in Neutral Colors

Denim Jacket

A denim jack gives your outfit more structure. A silk slip dress or flowy chiffon fabric contrasts well with the denim.



Do you have to use Summer layers where you live?

xx Tammy

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