December Best Sellers

December Best Sellers

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December Best Sellers

I cannot believe December is already over! The holiday season always goes so fast. With the new year comes new fashion and trends, and I could not be more excited! Before looking into January fashion, let’s look at the December best sellers. There is everything from Amazon cozy sets to my favorite lip products.


December best sellers

Unsurprisingly, my Amazon set was one of the best sellers this month. When it starts getting cold outside, I am all about cozy loungewear. Another Amazon item from this month is the blazer you can’t go wrong with! Lululemon leggings are another one of my staples year-round. They are the best to wear for errands and working out. Those Nike shoes have been my recent go-to.

A closet must-have for the wintertime is a tall black boot. They can be styled in so many ways, and if you choose the right pair, they will last you for years. Two Evereve best-sellers this month are the puffer vest and pullover. The Evereve pullover is cozy and a neutral you can’t go wrong with it. The puffer vest is another closet essential. Perfect to layer on top of virtually any top. A great way to add some extra warmth to your outfit.

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Chanel Lipstick // Jeans // White Blazer // YSL Crossbody // Gold Huggies // Gold Necklace // Puffer Vest // Black Boots // Lounge Set // Grey Pullover // Black Leggings // Nike Sneakers


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  • Yes! I really love tall black boots and I always wear them! Gold jewelry is nice but I prefer silver one


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