Full Body IPL Treatment

Full Body IPL Treatment

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Getting a full body IPL spot treatment (scroll down for before/after pictures) is one of my favorite anti-aging procedures. I received my first treatment in my mid 30’s and was immediately addicted to how clear my skin was afterward!

I have had four more since then, over 15 years. Always during the winter months so that my skin that has been treated will be entirely covered while it heals. It’s also essential not have any sun exposure during the healing time. If you do, then using a sunscreen with a physical block (Zinc Oxide) is highly recommended.

What’s The Treatment Like

Unlike an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment on the face, there usually is not numbing cream applied before a body treatment. You shouldn’t need it. The sensation you feel will be like a rubber band flicking you. It’s very manageable. Trust me, I’m a big baby when it comes to pain, and I’ve never needed numbing cream. For me, alot of this treatment is focused on my arms. They are usually wholly treated. The rest of my body, belly, legs, and back are only treated where there are dark sunspots.

The spot treatment moves very fast and doesn’t usually take more than 20 minutes in total.


The only real aftercare you will need is to keep the treated areas out of the sun. However, I do highly suggest having the Biafine Emulsion Cream  on hand to apply after an IPL procedure.  It’s a french emulsion that addresses burns.  I use it after any laser treatment I get. This cream soothes and speeds up the healing process. Spread it on very thick, and your skin will absorb it quickly. You can put as many layers on as you need.

If you do have sun exposure, a physical sunscreen such as this Obagi one is ideal.

What you will see on your treated areas are the dark spots getting darker and eventually flaking off. Sometimes it can take three weeks for them to be entirely off your body. Your face happens much quicker.

Choosing Your Doctor

Choosing your doctor is the most critical part of getting an IPL done. I have been severely burnt before. Not fun if you don’t want to go there. If that does happen, though, know that your skin eventually will even out, and the result from the burn, which is striping, will fade.

Luckily, laser technology evolves very quickly, and the new machines out there can prevent this from happening. What device your doctor will be using is important to know.

If you are in or around Austin, I highly recommend Dr. Saxon. She is a top-rated expert in her field. Dr. Saxon also has the newest, best machine out there that I have seen. It’s called an ICON IPL machine and has a handheld device that will measure the melanin in your skin. It then sets the exact setting for your skin type. This way, there is not any guessing or burning. You can safely achieve clear skin without the chance of burning!



Having had melanoma skin cancer in the past, I do suggest you see your dermatologist to get cleared before having this treatment. Hopefully, you are going for yearly skin checks already.

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