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Holiday Sparkle Her Fashioned Life

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Styling Holiday Sparkle

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Styling Holiday Sparkle 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle

It is holiday party season and time to shine! All the sparkle is welcome from office parties to family gatherings! Leave your LBD in the closet and look to sequins and metallics to elevate your holiday style.

Do Know That Less Is More

To keep your outfit festive but elegant, try to balance the shine with neutral tones. Choose clean, classic lines in your pieces. For example, with this fun metallic skirt I’m wearing here, I have paired it with a tailored, cropped blazer and a basic silk cami. In addition, my heels are also simple but chic. Stick to a three-color rule if you can. My whole outfit is made up of black, gold, and silver. Minimal and delicate jewelry is also a good idea. Doing these things will let your statement piece, whether a skirt, dress, top or shoes be the star of the show.

However, if you want a pop of color, tie it in with your shoes, bag or earrings.

Do Mix Texture

Mixing up textures in my outfits is always my favorite way to add a fun, unexpected twist to an ensemble.  The great thing about sequins is you do not have to choose a traditional holiday color palette of red and green. A beautiful navy sequined blouse paired with denim and heels is a perfect holiday look for a casual family get together.  Combining knits with sequins is also, in my opinion, a perfect holiday look!

Create Contrast And Have Fun With It

Do Accessorize Well

Not ready to jump on the holiday shine deep end? Try to start by playing around with glitter shoes, sequined belts, and sequined outerwear to incorporate shine into your holiday looks. A bag like one would be the perfect way to dip your toe in!

Don’t Overdue it

Try not to compete with the disco ball at the party. Avoid going overboard with color and shine. Don’t wear large accessories with your sequined pieces. Remember to keep it reasonably simple yet chic. Also, before you leave the house, look at your outfit in the mirror and take off anything that you think might be too much. You will feel much more comfortable at the party.

Don’t Wear The Wrong Under Garments

Stick to a neutral bra and panties. Sometimes with man-made fabrics, there are small holes. Flash photography can wreak havoc on a white bra under a thin red dress. However, I love to see a black bra showing through a sexy semi-transparent top, like this or LOVE this one. Just make sure you put thought into what you’re wearing under your outfit as well. Holiday pictures last forever and you do not want to be too revealing.

What do you wear under a menswear blazer jacket? THIS will keep everything in place and still give you that fab look you’re going for. If Lace is not what you’re looking for try this one.

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life


Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

Holiday Sparkle- Her-Fashioned-Life

In Collaboration with Lux Rox Boutique

Photography by Cathy Sunu

xx Tammy

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Holiday Gifts

Chic Holiday Gifts Under $150.00

Chic Holiday Gifts Under $150.00 922 980 Tammy Caciola

Chic Holiday Gifts

Giving the perfect gift is something that I love to try to do each Christmas. It’s certainly not always easy, especially when you have your mind on 20 different things during this busy holiday season. Noticing the little things your friends and family say throughout the year helps make the decision easier at gift time. I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes and ask myself what would they want.

Below is my edit of chic gifts for your friends, moms, sisters, and daughters. They are all under a $150.00…except one… I had to include that is $165.00 🙂

Be sure to check out my Leopard Edit also for yourself as well as gifts.



Merry Everything and A Happy Always.

holiday gifts


11 Colors


Smells Amazing!

Thom Browne







Two Looks


Lounge Dress

Coffee Table Book


holiday gifts


Night Shirt

Acne Studios


Laura Lombardi


Cupcakes & Cashmere

Leopard Fur

Coffee Table Book



Shearling Jacket




Quilted Leather Mittens

xx Tammy

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Holiday Dress Her Fashioned Life

Choosing A Holiday Dress To Impress

Choosing A Holiday Dress To Impress 1863 1080 Tammy Caciola


Holiday Dress Her Fashioned LifeMaggy London Dress // Sunnies // Heels (Similar under $60)


Choosing A Holiday Dress

The holiday season is here and with that comes many parties to attend. When you want to step outside the standard LBD, but still have a classic overall look, shop for a dress with simple lines but fun fabric! The sparkly fabric this dress has says it’s holiday season. However, the cut is classic and could be worn all year. The longer length and high cut neckline are perfect for office parties as well as date-night.

I Layered a trench the same of the same color family over it to give the dress a chic monochrome look. Fur would also look amazing!


Holiday Dress Her Fashioned Life

Holiday Dress Her Fashioned Life


Holiday Dress Her Fashioned Life

In Collaboration with Maggy London

xx Tammy

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micro needling Her Fashioned Life

Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling

Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling 1080 1080 Tammy Caciola

Microneedling 101 Her Fashioned Life


Micro-needling is one of my favorite anti-aging procedures. I’ve had five treatments in the past year, and the multiple benefits that I have seen in my skin have been incredible. This procedure has reduced my fine lines around my mouth and eyes, helped the crepey skin on the neck and built collagen in my chest area. Pores are also reduced giving a smooth finish to my skin.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan and somewhat addicted to this procedure. Unlike laser treatments, that you need to be out of the sun for, this can be done year around. It will not affect any fillers you have in your face either because there is no heat.

If you follow my anti-aging instastories on Instagram, you’ve seen me walk you through the whole treatment from start to finish. I also go through my after procedure care so you will get the most from your treatment.

Know Before You Go:

Choose Your Doctor Wisely –

Even though this procedure is widely done at med spa’s around the country and even sold to do it yourself at home (more about that below) do your research and find a qualified professional to do this treatment. Never take any skin treatment lightly. You want to put your self in capable, experienced hands when it comes to your face. Do not just look to price when you’re making your decision. Research online reviews, ask friends or your dermatologist. You might end up paying a little more, but your results and experience will most likely be better.

What To Wear – 

Usually, you take your shirt off and put on a robe once you get there. Your face, neck, and chest, if you decide to do all three, will have topical numbing cream applied before the treatment. I suggest wearing a cotton button up that is washable, so you do not have to slide a top over your face after the procedure. Cotton just feels better than a sweater over irritated skin.

Some places provide disposable headbands for your hair; some do not. I suggest just bringing your own to keep your hair out of the numbing cream.

I usually take my shoes off when having this treatment, so socks are cozy too.

Aftercare – 

The procedure usually takes 15 min to numb and 15-30 min to complete. There might be a small amount of mini dark (blood) spots on your face, this is normal. Bruising could also happen around the eyes. No make-up is to be applied for 24 hours. What you do want to apply for bonus skin-care points is a retinol product. Know that this will probably make you peel whereas the micro-needling does not make you peel.

The microscopic holes in your skin will take any product you use down deeper than usual. Look to Hyaluronic Acid and serums to keep reapplying during this time. If you have a red light skin therapy device, I highly suggest using that as well!

I usually try to make it a down day at home when I have this done, but I can totally do small errands.

Saxon MD

I couldn’t be happier to put my face in the hands of Dr. Saxon. She is a top rated, board-certified plastic surgeon that has relocated to Austin Tx about a year ago. When you meet Dr. Saxon and her wonderful team they make you feel completely at ease and will be there to help you through any procedure you have with her! Bonus: She is doing all of the procedures herself at this time, so you know you are in very capable hands!

You can read about her extensive training here. 

Dr. Saxon has graciously answered some Question below about micro-needling. Please feel free to put any other questions in the comments below!

What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a handheld device that uses rapid-fire tiny needles to create a series of many tiny punctures in the top layer of skin. This controlled injury inspires the skin’s natural healing process to respond, which leads to
collagen production and cell turnover.

What will micro-needling treat?

Microneedling treats fine lines, uneven texture and tone of the skin, and can improve the appearance of acne and other types of scars.

Will it hurt?

A topical numbing cream is applied all over the face before treatment, so pain should be minimal. Most people say the vibration of the hand-held device actually tickles a little.

How much downtime can a person expect?

This procedure has little to no downtime. You can expect the treated areas to be fairly red the first 24 hours afterward, but then you should be left with just mildly pink skin if anything. It is advised to avoid wearing makeup or applying any skin products for the first 24 hours after the procedure, after which sunscreen should be worn every day.

How many treatments do you suggest?

A series of three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is. Great starting point. Some people may need more treatments depending on the severity of skin imperfections.

What does it cost?

A package of 3 is $800, a package of 5 sessions is $1200

Can this procedure be done effectively and safely at home?

At-home micro-needling treatments usually involve using a dermaroller and offer only modest results. I don’t particularly like these since the needles don’t pierce the skin perpendicularly and can damage the skin. It is also more difficult to clean, and the needles tend to get dull with repeated use making it easier to cause scars. The spread of bacteria can at the least cause acne, but at worse can cause an infection in the skin, such as a Staph infection. Also, if treatments are not done by an experienced practitioner it is easy to be too aggressive or not aggressive enough leaving you with a bad result.

When you call Dr. Saxon for an appointment, tell them Tammy from Her Fashioned Life sent you and you will get a free consultation (value $100.00)

In collaboration with Saxon MD

xx Tammy

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Leopard Jacket with Chloe Boots Her Fashioned Life

Leopard Print Shopping Guide

Leopard Print Shopping Guide 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola
leopard print

Leopard print is trending in a big way for fall, but is it a trend?

I’ve always looked to a good leopard print piece to add a pop to my outfits. Mostly in bags or shoes but lately this fabulous print is taking over in the fashion world, and I’m not mad about it! Everything from outerwear to delicate camisoles will all have a leopard print option for you.

Leopard print is trending big right now. However, it’s a classic print that has been around pretty much forever and will continue to be in the future. So buy with confidence knowing whatever you buy today will still be worth wearing in the years to come!

I’ve scoured the internet and today I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to the best leopard print pieces out there. Keep scrolling down below to shop this must-have wild print to enjoy for the season to come.

Leopard print is trending but… it’s not a trend!.


These lust-worthy pieces are all great ways to incorporate leopard into your outfits.

Jackie Onassis Kennedy

This gorgeous coat she is wearing is as on-trend today as it was then. Remember when your buying, choose quality pieces with classic lines to last a lifetime.

Lace Suit

The Must Have Lace Suit For Party Season

The Must Have Lace Suit For Party Season 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Lace Suit

Lace Suit – Lux Rox Boutique // Sunnies // Earrings // Chanel Bag //  Chanel Mules –Dupe

Chic In All Lace

Lace can be tricky to pull off. You don’t want to look tacky or cheap, or like you are in grade school!  However, with the right styling, you can elevate an all lace outfit to have a modern, grown-up look.

Lace is best styled with contrast. When you mix in tailored and structured pieces, this delicate fabric will look fabulous!  The bold gold necklaces I’m wearing along with the structured Chanel bag, bring a touch of edgy sophistication I love. Finishing off with large, glam sunglasses and black nails adds a little sexiness.

Balance the Feminity with edgy sophistication.

The chic effect from toughing up lace with leather is classic and undeniable! Your moto jacket will be a lace dresses bff!

Versatile Options

You can also wear the suit as separates making it so versatile! Pair the blazer with a crew-neck t-shirt and denim. Add sneakers for day and heels for date night! The same way I styled in this post here.  Wear the lace pants with a chunky knit or t-shirt and denim jacket.

I love all things Sandro Paris right now and their beautiful lace section has the pieces styled perfectly on the models! They are mixing in denim and sneakers into their ensembles to give a casual daytime feel.

So the next event you have to go to step out of your comfort zone and wow everyone in a lace suit!

Lace Suit

Lace Suit

Lace Suit

Lace Suit

Lace Suit

Lace Suit

Chanel mules with Pear

Lace Suit

Chanel Mules Chanel Bag Her Fashioned Life

Lace Suit

Head into Lux Rox Boutique to try on these exact pieces and shop many other fall must-have’s in clothing and jewelry!

In Collaboration with Lux Rox 

Photography: Cathy Sunu

xx Tammy

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white sneakers with flowers

Styling One Dress Four Ways For The Holidays

Styling One Dress Four Ways For The Holidays 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

white sneakers with flowers

This holiday season, do yourself a favor and buy the perfect little black dress that will take you to multiple events no matter what the dress code is. Think of this dress as your base canvas. Then build your outfit over the dress depending on the occasion. The styling possibilities are endless! Below I’m breaking down four styling options for you, brunch, drinks out, movie day and Thanksgiving dinner. I also have written about 5 Ways To Stand Out In Your LBD here!

Choosing Your Little Black Dress

When you’re looking for a perfect LBD, it’s all about the fabric and cut. The dress that I’m wearing in this post has fabric you can simply roll up, put in your suitcase and unpack it, unwrinkled when you get there. I love a low maintenance dress for holiday travel that always looks great!

This cut you want to be somewhat form-fitting, but not tight. Look for a length just above or below the knee and clean, classic lines. You want this base layer to translate from an office party to drinks out flawlessly. Look for a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable when you wear it.

Don’t be afraid to spend more than you normally would on a dress to get quality fabric and perfect cut!

Keep scrolling to read more about the chic dress I’m wearing at the end of this post.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress



Brunch is always something I look forward to, but this could also be a casual Thanksgiving dinner look. I wore a cozy cropped jacket over and scrunched boots in the same nude tone. My hair is effortlessly pulled back into an easy ponytail with a ribbon. The bag I’m carrying has the handle wrapped with a skinny scarf also in the blush color pallet.

Brunch outfit with Pink Jacket Her Fashioned LIfe

Brunch outfit

Hair in pony with striped ribbon Her Fashioned Life

Dress // Coat // Boots, Simular // Earrings // Bag


This look is a trendy night out look I love. If you do not have a leopard jacket yet, you need one! I like to stock up on classic animal prints when they are trending. Leopard will ALWAYS be in style!

I choose a fun studded boot here for comfort. However,  knee-high or OTK boots with a heel would look stunning as well. They would also keep you warmer if it were cold outside.  A clutch is more night-time friendly to be. The black leather and simple lines with gold bar tend to tone down the jacket and boots here.

leopared jacket with chloe boots Her Fashioned Life

Leopard Jacket with Chloe Boots Her Fashioned Life

Leopard Jacket with Chloe Boots Her Fashioned Life

Dress // Blazer // Boots, Dupe // Sunnies // Clutch Similar also comes in burgundy velvet // Earrings

Movie Day

A movie day is always a part of my families holidays. Nothing better than seeing the new Hollywood blockbuster out on a lazy day!

Layer denim or other casual fabrics such as cozy plaid flannels over your dress. Then add sneakers with a crossbody, and you’re ready to go.

Movie day outfit

Movie day outfit

white sneakers with flowers

Dress // Denim Shirt // Sneakers // Coat Similar // Sunnies // Crossbody, Similar

Thanksgiving Dinner

This look has all the bling, so it’s meant for a fancy dinner out. Let your dress shine with dressy heels, bold jewelry, and a lux coat. Add some big sunnies for more drama. A red lip would look gorgeous as well!

Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit

white sneakers with flowers

Dress // Coat // Bold Necklace // Clutch, similar 3 colors// RockStud Heels, Dupes // Sunnies

The gorgeous black dress I’m wearing is from a company I can stand behind called Discourse.

For 20% off your order USE CODE HERFASHIONEDLIFE20

More about Discourse below:

Discourse was founded in 2017 by Jessica and Alex Wood to address a void in contemporary womenswear through sustainable and ethically manufactured designs that are also fun and approachable.  Designed and manufactured in New York City, the collections are inspired by people, places, and the desire to create. Stylistically, we pride ourselves on creating elevated staple pieces with unique, eye-catching twists that differentiate from the traditional sustainable aesthetic while maintaining a utilitarian touch.

The brand revolves around creating accessible and lighthearted designs accentuated with rich fabrics that have exceptional touch, with the versatility to take you from work to out on the town. Discourse embodies the desire to curate a closet with purpose, thoughtfully crafting each garment to be worn for years.

In Collaboration with Discourse 

Photography: Cathy Sunu

xx Tammy

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