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3 Trending Fall Coats

3 Trending Fall Coats 1707 2560 Tammy Caciola

3 Trending Fall Coats

It is officially fall now, and one of my favorite things to shop for is outerwear! Coats can complete your fall outfit, and finding the right one just got easier with these three coat trends. Scroll down to see which one is your favorite!

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Look 1: Oversized Blazer

The oversized blazer is a modern and fresh take on the timeless blazer! It can be styled with a black top and loose jeans, as I did above, or over a dress for a more sophisticated look. You can also throw your blazer over a minimal outfit and spice it up with a fun handbag. Houndstooth is a trending fabric this fall and looks so chic on a handbag! I linked my favorite houndstooth handbag down below.


Look 2: Tweed Jacket

Some may think of tweed as old-fashioned, but it is a timeless wardrobe piece that will fit right into any woman’s wardrobe. It looks great styled with slacks for the office or jeans and a tee for a more relaxed setting. Cropped tweed jackets are perfect if you want to accentuate your waist or grab a longer one to go over a classic black dress.

Look 3: Knit Blazer

Last but not least, the classic knit blazer. This coat is one that everyone should have in their closet. It can be dressed up or down and looks flawless either way. I find myself pairing the knit blazer with neutrals as I did above, but grabbing a blazer with a pop of color is the perfect way to elevate an outfit.

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Spring Shoe Trends

Spring Shoe Trends 1440 2560 Tammy Caciola

Spring Shoe Trends

A pair of shoes is the easiest way to elevate any look. While you don’t need to cover all the fashion trends, owning a couple of stylish and on-trend shoes is the perfect way to update your spring outfits. This year we are seeing metallic, kitten block heels, rattan, sandals, and of course, the staple neutral!


Spring Shoe

Metallic shoes are so versatile, and if you could only choose one, I would go with a gold pair. They’re the perfect shoe when you want a little “extra” for your outfit, and you might be surprised how often you wear them!

Silver is also everywhere now. These silver sandals are fresh and will elevate your spring outfit.


Kitten Heels

Spring Shoe

Kitten heels are having a moment, and talk about chic! Heel heights vary so you can find anything from a flat to a mid-heel. Don’t miss these that I love. They are one of my staples. They are so comfy that I took them with me on my trip to Paris and wore them all day!


Spring Shoe

Espadrille sandals just scream spring and summer! These Dolce Vita sandals have been my staple, and you can find a look-for-less pair here at Target.


Spring Shoe

I can’t say enough about the importance of owning several pairs of neutral shoes. Though not a trend, neutral shoes are the style everyone needs in their wardrobes! The trick is to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. This will give you a leg-lengthening look; they’ll go with every outfit!


xx Tammy

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Spring Capsule Packing List

Spring Capsule Packing List 1516 1120 Tammy Caciola

Spring Capsule Packing List

Another winter has come and gone, and we’re officially gearing up to face the glorious spring and summer days! It also means that we’re digging our spring wardrobes out of storage and swapping our boots for our sandals. The bright colors, lightweight fabrics, and beautiful textures of spring fashion always feel like a reward after a long season of winter wear. With spring and summer come lots of fun trips! That is why I have put together the perfect Spring Capsule Packing List for you.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

The simple definition is that it’s a curated wardrobe made up of versatile pieces you love to wear. Creating your capsule wardrobe should be a testament to your personal style.

A capsule wardrobe consists of a set of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and accessories that can be easily mixed and matched together to be dressed up, down, and anywhere in between. It means your closet has less trendy pieces that will only be worn for one season and more high-quality, classic pieces that stand the test of time and can be worn for years. The best part? While it might feel more expensive at the moment, you’ll actually save money in the long run since you won’t be going through so many fast-fashion pieces.

Once you master a starter capsule wardrobe, it can be curated and swapped from season to season. It makes it easy to pack up and take out clothes for the appropriate season because every time you pull them out, they’re just as in style as when you bought them.

How To Build A Spring Capsule

To create a capsule wardrobe, begin by examining your current clothing. Assess each item to determine if it’s an essential piece you want to keep. (More here on how to decide that) Remember to include shoes and accessories when editing your wardrobe.

Then, sort each item into one of four piles:

  1. I love it and will wear it tomorrow: These pieces fit your body and lifestyle, and you’re happy wearing them. Put these back first.
  2. Maybe: These pieces might not fit perfectly, have sentimental value, or you just can’t put your finger on why you don’t wear them more. (If you haven’t reached for it more than once, it belongs in this pile too). Put all of these items in a box and store them in a place that’s easily accessible. If you find yourself reaching for an item, put it back in your closet after; if you haven’t reached for it by the end of the season, keep it in the box to take to donate. This is noncommittal (for now) and allows you to change your mind later.
  3. Hard no: Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit or you just decided you don’t like it, pack these pieces up to donate them.
  4. Seasonal: There’s no need to keep a cashmere sweater next to your summer tank tops. Move all of your seasonal pieces into a storage location that will be easy for you to swap out once the time is right.

Now, look at what’s left in your closet and evaluate what your personal style is and what holes you have. Maybe you’re completely set on jeans, but you could use a new jacket for spring. Now that you have a clear vision of what you’ll be able to pair that jacket with, you’ll make a better selection for what fits your closet. This doesn’t mean you have to entirely forego trend pieces and forever live wearing button-ups and jeans—it just means that when you do purchase trendier pieces, you know that they’ll have a place in your wardrobe and that they’ll get worn.

spring travel capsule

Spring Capsule Packing Pieces

White Tee

I always bring a couple of white tees because I find myself wearing them frequently. They are perfect to wear by themselves or layer. My go-to white tee is a cropped, boxy silhouette. I love this Varley tee. It is of incredible quality and so soft. A great look-for-less option is this Everlane tee! 


White Button Down

A white button-down is a hero piece in any capsule wardrobe. With numerous styling options, it can be worn as a light jacket, tied up over a slip dress, or even as a swimsuit cover-up. Its versatility makes it a staple in the fashion world.

Flattering Jeans

A great pair of jeans are an essential piece to pack for vacation. Opt for a comfortable pair that can be worn casually during the day and dressed up with heels at night.

Long Denim skirt

This is a trendy piece that I have been wearing non-stop. It’s pretty much taken the place of shorts for me. Think about styling this skirt with either a button-down, plain tee or a bodysuit with a sweater tossed over your shoulders. Cute flats or heels work with this look. This one from Mango is my absolute go-to!

Slip Dress

A slip dress is a classic, versatile cut that I always make sure to pack. For a casual look, simply layer it with a cozy sweater or wear a tied-at-the-waist button-up top over it and pair it with sneakers. To dress it up, wear heels and accessorize with your favorite bag. This perfect piece easily adapts to changing temperatures through smart layering.

Cotton Sweater

I love to bring a striped sweater and a color-of-the-moment sweater when I travel. These are great for wearing alone or layering over shirts, jackets, and dresses. See the style hack of how to do that here!

Chambray Shirt 

Combine this timeless button-up shirt with your fresh white pieces for an effortless look. With denim on denim being a popular trend in 2023, this outfit is an excellent way to stay on-trend using your spring capsule wardrobe pieces.

Spring Jacket

Denim is a classic choice when it comes to spring jackets. I love this one when going for a white denim. White denim is incredibly chic and offers versatility in styling options!

Jogger Set

A cozy with a jogger set that can be worn as pieces separately or together is always in my luggage! My personal favorite is the Spanx AirEssentials Jogger and matching crewneck. They feel like you’re wearing a cloud and are of amazing quality.

Here is a post where I review the AirEssentials line. Spoiler Alert: It is incredible!  You can use my Spanx discount code FashionedLifeXSpanx for 10% off plus free shipping and returns!

Pajamas You Love

For me, this is anything, Luyna! The quality and fabric are nothing short of incredible.
They just came out with a new washable silk top and bottom set I love! I grabbed the sky blue color in S.
Discount code herfashionedlife.

Linen Pants

Tis the season of linen, and these are my current favorites! Linen pants are my favorite in the spring and summertime. They are lightweight, breezy, and can be styled in so many ways! I’m wearing a two below, which I exchanged for a 0, and they fit much better and are the perfect length!

Swimsuit Coverup

The older I get, the more important my swimsuit coverup is!! I want it to be chic, luxe-looking, and versatile, so I can also wear it out during the day or night. My go-to is anything The Shoreline.
Discount Cody Tammy15

Going Out Dress

This can be your favorite LBD or LWD.  I always bring this one because not only is it flattering and easy to dress up or down, I literally roll it up in my luggage, and it comes out wrinkle-free!
This beautiful dress is also a favorite piece I always look forward to wearing. The fabric is soft and luxe. Use discount code Herfashionedlife15. 


When it comes to shoes, I like to stick to 3 categories. One great pair of sneakers, neutral and comfy heels, in addition to your favorite spring/summer sandals, to finish out your Spring Capsule! 


Spring Capsule Outfit Combinations

Spring Travel Capsule

Spring Capsule

spring Capsule

Spring Capsule

xx Tammy

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Best Fashion of 2022

Spanx AirEssentials Review

Spanx AirEssentials Review 1639 2049 Tammy Caciola

Her Fashioned Life wearing black wide-leg pants and a denim jacket for spring

Jean Jacket // Bag // Wide Leg Pant // Sneakers

Spanx AirEssentials Review

The key to building a wardrobe you love is having good basics that fit you well and make you feel good when wearing them. Sometimes that means spending a little extra on those key pieces that will serve you well and last you for years to come. Today I want to share my Spanx AirEssentials Review!

The difference between regular jersey material and AirEssentials is the smooth, soft fabric that will elevate your look. 

I have a discount code for you! FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX will get you 10% off plus free shipping and returns!

AirEssentials Crewneck with Turtleneck Bodysuit and Wide Leg Pant


Crewneck(sz S) // Turtleneck(sz S) // Wide Leg Pant (sz XS) // Bag // Similar Shoes

We have all grown to love good sweatpants, and this one hits all of my must-have points. I have shared these wide-leg pants many times over on my Instagram, and they are still my go-to! These sweatpants are lightweight, luxuriously soft, and fit so well. I love that they can be styled up when paired with heels and a chic crewneck or styled down with sneakers and a hoodie.

I love that the AirEssentials pieces are easy to care for. Just toss in the washer and then the dryer. This material doesn’t easily wrinkle, so it’s perfect for travel. I’ve repeatedly worn these sweatpants in the hot Texas summer and haven’t overheated. The material really does breathe, which is ideal if you, like me,  are also dealing with hot flashes!

Crewneck(sz S) // Turtleneck(sz S) // Wide Leg Pant(sz XS) // Bag // Shoes

The comfy crewneck you will want to live in all year round. This crewneck is buttery soft, has 4-way stretch, and is made of lightweight fabric that you won’t want to take off. It will match perfectly with all of the AirEssential pieces. The back has a cute pleated detail I love.

These crewnecks are perfect to layer over tops and button-ups. Denim, silks, and cotton materials will all pair beautifully.

Crew Neck with Silk Button-Up and Twill Pants

Crewneck (sz S) // Button Down (sz S) // Stretch Twill Wide Leg Pant (sz S) // Shoes

Are you looking for your new go-to spring/summer pant? One of my favorites is the Stretch Twill Cropped Pant I have on above! The pants have a pull-on design and hidden tummy shaping. These twill pants are available in several colors, and I have (and wear) white the most. Highly recommend these cropped pants. They are always a top-seller for me. I wear an sz small with a 25″ waist.

Crewneck  (sz S) // Turtleneck (sz S)// Tapered Sweatpant (sz XS) // Shoes

Another thing I love about this line is that you can choose from a tapered-leg like I have on above or the wide-leg pants I talked about earlier. I bought both because I reach for them so much, and each pant creates a different look.

The tapered pants feel a little more sporty. I like to wear them on walks or while running an errand.

Tapered Pants with Cropped Top

Pullover (sz S) // Tapered Sweatpant (sz XS) // Sneakers

I can’t praise AirEssential fabric enough. If you’ve been on the fence about this sweatsuit, go ahead and pull the trigger.  I rarely find a sweatsuit that I continually want to wear, but this one gets worn weekly! Plus, because Spanx makes it, you know the quality is high.  You will keep these in your rotation for years to come. It’s truly worth every penny!

I have a discount code for you! FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX will get you 10% off plus free shipping and returns!

See the fabric in action below!


xx Tammy

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Freely Activewear - Her Fashioned Life

New Year Activewear Refresh

New Year Activewear Refresh 1638 2048 Tammy Caciola

Freely Activewear - Her Fashioned Life

Jacket // Pullover // Joggers //  Sneakers

New Year Activewear Refresh

Being active is something that I continually strive for, and a new year activewear refresh always makes that a little more exciting! I love refocusing on healthier habits in January. It is a great time to reset your health goals after the holidays.

Recently, I received some items from the Academy Sports line Freely. Two of the best combinations! Their workout gear is high quality and affordable.

Freely Activewear - Her Fashioned Life


Outerwear is always a January activewear staple! No one feels like being active when they’re cold, and you can always remove layers as you warm up. I grabbed this cute and trendy Sherpa bomber jacket that is perfect for delivering warmth. It has all the details of jackets that cost much more. However,  it is under $40! Such an excellent activewear jacket choice!

Shop Here:

Freely Activewear - Her Fashioned Life


Joggers are another staple in my activewear wardrobe. The joggers above are the Arya jogger legging from Freely. They have a relaxed fit, pockets, and  an adjustable drawstring, and they are $35! A great steal! I love the adjustable waistband because it ensures my pants won’t slide around during workouts.

Shop Here:


Pullovers are fantastic to have on hand. They make for a cute athleisure look and are also practical in the gym. In the image above, I have Freely’s Juliet 1/4-zip pullover layered underneath the sherpa bomber jacket. It is super cozy and has a large pocket to store your necessities.

Shop Here:

Freely Activewear - Her Fashioned Life

Sports Bra

Freely has a great selection of comfy and supportive sports bras. They are soft and comfortable with removable pads. You can choose fun prints or solids. Not to mention, they are affordable! The one item I can’t live without when it comes to being active.

Did I mention Freely is size inclusive and they carry children’s sizes? 

Shop Here:


Activewear shoes are always fun to shop for! Academy Sports has a wide range of adorable shoe finds.

Shop Here:


Check out my last post here.

xx Tammy

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Tips to Make Cashmere Last

How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime

How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime 1639 2049 Tammy Caciola

Tips to Make Cashmere Last

Zip-Up // Sweater // Earrings // Bracelet

How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime

Caring for your cashmere garments can feel like a daunting task. Cashmere is such a fine and delicate material. Taking your items to the dry cleaners might seem to be the easiest way to get them clean. However, this is often not necessary. With a few extra steps and a little more effort, you can care for your cashmere garments at home and help your cashmere to last a lifetime.

How to Wash Cashmere

Washing your cashmere will require some planning in advance. It is recommended only to clean your items after several wears, as this will help preserve the fibers’ quality. For any washing method, use a mild detergent approved for delicate fibers.

If your garment is hand washable, wash it in cold water with a detergent specifically designed to wash wool. Gently squeeze the water through the garment until it runs clear, but do not wring or twist. Squeeze any excess water out of the garment.

Machine washable garments should be washed on a cold water cycle at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees. Use a gentle detergent like you would if you were hand washing.

If You Get A Stain

Remove the clothing as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting in.

Dab the area with a stain remover or eucalyptus oil, applying a small amount at a time and working inwards to avoid spreading. Make sure to dab the area and not scrub, pull, or use a scrubber on the stain.

Tips for Taking Care of Cashmere

Sweater // Midi Skirt

How to Dry Cashmere

When drying your cashmere, I recommend staying as far away from the dryer as possible. Cashmere and wool severely shrink when put through a warm dryer. So instead of drying, after washing the garment, carefully squeeze out all excess water until the garment is damp. Place the garment on a dry towel in a dark and dry area or on top of a drying rack. Cashmere will take time to dry, so make sure you allow plenty of time for the garment to dry before needing to wear it.

Tips for Washing Cashmere

Sweater // Jacket // Midi Skirt

Tips & Tricks for Making Cashmere Last

Properly caring for your cashmere knitwear will help extend the life of your garments and will help keep their quality and shine for years to come.


Pilling is when you notice little fabric balls appearing on the surface of your garment. It is often caused by rubbing during wear.

Some ways to help prevent pilling include:

  • Turn your garments inside out when washing. After your garments have been washed a few times, their fibers will strengthen, which will lessen the pilling.
  • Use a razor to remove excess pilling. Be very careful and use a light hand not to snag the threads. I have this specialized tool I use.

How to Store Cashmere

Knitwear should be folded and stored flat. Storing on a hanger may cause stretching of the garment and cause it to misshape. When packing your knitwear for the summer season, ensure they are freshly washed and dried. Pack your knitwear in an airtight sealed container away from direct sunlight.

Naked Cashmere

Black Set // Heels

My Go-To Cashmere

If you’re looking to add to your cashmere piece collection, one of my personal favorites is Naked Cashmere. Naked cashmere uses only cruelty-free, fair-trade cashmere, meaning that 100% of their herders’ harvests are purchased, regardless of ups and downs. The cashmere hairs are collected only once a year during molting season via hand-combing, the preferred (and cruelty-free) method!

Some of my favorite items pictured above are the Krissa Turtleneck sweater, Gina Midi Skirt, and the Zia Cashmere set!

The Krissa Turtleneck sweater is cozy and chic and can be styled in many ways. The definition of a timeless piece! The Zia Cashmere set is perfect for a put-together lounge look. A zip-up top and wide-leg bottoms make this the ideal set in or out of the house.

Even though cashmere comes at a higher price tag, with the tips above, it will last you a lifetime.



Cozy Lunya Loungewear

Elevated Sleep and Cozy Loungewear Guide

Elevated Sleep and Cozy Loungewear Guide 1440 1800 Tammy Caciola

Cozy Lunya Loungewear

Elevated Sleep and Cozy Loungewear Guide

Winter is one of my favorite times to bring out all of my cozy loungewear. From tees and sweatpants to satin sets, these comfortable pieces are all staples to my loungewear collection.

Swap out worn pieces and elevate your home uniform with new loungewear you won’t want to take off.

Use Discount Code HERFASHIONEDLIFE20 for $20 off your cart!

Cozy Lunya Robe


A robe is a great wrap that helps you stay warm and add a little luxury to your evening. Grab your cozy robe and favorite bath products, and let the relaxation begin!
Elegant and luxurious, this short robe is constructed of the butteriest Organic Pima Cotton fabric for a soothingly soft feel. It’s designed with magnetic closure at the neckline and a ‘stay put’ waist belt tie to keep it in place – no matter if you’re having a self-care night or going to town on your takeout order. A flattering silhouette cut to accentuate your waist, and did I mention it has pockets?

Shop Here:

Cozy Lunya Loungewear

Cozy Lounge Pant

You can’t have a loungewear collection without a pair of cozy pants! These Lunya flare pants are the perfect lightweight blend of breathable organic cotton and super soft washable silk. Their comfy cotton silk is naturally temperature-regulating and addictively cozy.

I paired the lounge pants with this linen knit top. It is made of 100% linen and is designed with a flattering oversized fit to get that ‘throw it on and go look.

Shop Here:

Cozy Lunya Loungewear

Silk Set

Are you looking for the ultimate luxurious set? Opt for these Silk High Rise Pants with the matching Perfectly Silk Cropped Top. Perfect for hot sleepers! It is the one set I can wear all year round because of its temperature-regulating ability.

Shop Here:

The Perfect Blazer

The Best Pinstripe Suit

The Best Pinstripe Suit 1440 2560 Tammy Caciola

The Best Pinstripe Suit

The Perfect Blazer

What comes to mind when you think of suits for women? Corporate jobs, business lunches, the finance world? If so, you are not alone. The pinstripe suit was once traditionally aimed at men; happily, that is no longer the case!

In fact, suits are having a bit of a trending moment—particularly striped suits. From blazers and pants to jackets and shorts, the traditional suit has never had more alternatives.

As with any trend, tracking down the piece or style in question can get a little overwhelming. If you don’t already have an idea of where to look, you might feel a little stumped. Luckily, Spanx– one of my favorite brands, just released a new pinstripe suit! I am in love with it!

If you want to check out any Spanx products, be sure to use code: FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping/returns. 

The Perfect Blazer

Spanx’s new pinstripe suit is named “The Perfect Blazer,” and it truly earns that name! It is the classic pinstripe blazer reinvented. It is machine washable, designed with a 4-way stretch, sleek and stylish, and you can pair it with the newly released pinstriped pants to create endless outfit looks.

I am wearing an XS in the Perfect Blazer. There is no need to size up to get this chic look; stick to TTS. The pinstripe Slim Pants I’m wearing an S which is my usual size for Spanx pants. I have a 25″ waist.

Spanx Perfect Suit

Shop the Look:

Ways to Style a Pinstripe Suit

Street Casual:

For a more casual take, style your suit with a plain white hoodie and sneakers that don’t make the look feel so buttoned up. This is one of my favorite ways to layer a blazer in the fall season.

Cinch it With a Belt Bag: 

Embrace two of fall’s hottest trends at once by layering a belt bag across your body! One of my new favorites to keep my hands free!


Keep things chic with a beautiful white blouse. Putting white with pinstripes always gives a stunning statement. It is a professional outfit that will make you look amazing at the same time!

Spanx Perfect Suit

Shop the Look:

Mix and Match: 

Casual Friday? Pair your blazer with jeans and a white tee. It is a great way to elevate your casual look.

Not feeling the blazer? Pair your suit pants with a long sleeve blouse for another professional look. For the Fall/Winter, style them with an oversized sweater. This look is comfortable, feminine, and a bit edgy but still very classic and elegant. Something all the ladies should try when it gets chilly. I love adding a tan knit with these pants, topped with a camel coat.

Simplify Your Accessories:

Keep your suit sleek with streamlined accessories: a clean white top, strappy heels, a simple black belt, and dainty gold jewelry. The belt has the added bonus of cinching in your waist.

The Perfect Blazer

Shop the Look:

This Outfit in Motion Below


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If you want to check out any Spanx products, be sure to use code: FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping/returns. 

Check out my last post here.

xx Tammy

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Fall Workwear Capsule 2022

Fall Workwear Capsule 2022 1920 2560 Tammy Caciola

Fall is one of the best times for workwear. There are many different outfit options, and you are not tied down to only the clothing items that will keep you cool. You can also keep things simple with a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobe pieces are one of my go-to’s because they provide endless outfit options with only a few pieces. These capsule items will help keep you comfy, chic, and looking your best! No need to wear itchy sweaters and boring slacks.

Fall Workwear Capsule

Collared Sweater // Trousers // Heels // Tote // Belt


Trousers are a workwear staple. The wide-leg trousers above are one of my favorite Amazon finds. I’m wearing a size small, with my 25″ waist. They look professional but have a nice and comfortable fit! Solid colors of trousers go with everything and are easy to transition to the weekend by changing the heels for sneakers. Above I have it paired with a neutral collared sweater and the perfect comfortable pumps.

Workwear Style

Tweed Top // Trousers // Heels // Bodysuit // Earrings // Tote


Fall trend alert- tweed jackets! During a season when temperatures shift from morning to afternoon, it’s nice to have an outfit with layering options. This elevated tweed jacket will pair perfectly with pieces for the office. You can get double-duty use out of it by pairing it with destroyed denim and loafers for the weekend.  

Fall Workwear Style

Blazer // Tank // Pants // Mules


A blazer is one of the most professional-feeling pieces of clothing in your closet. You can easily dress up a pair of trousers and a tee for an effortless chic look. They’ll never go out of style, and a bonus is that you can make it work for life outside the office, too; swap your work pants for a pair of distressed jeans. A blazer is a piece that you’ll consider a closet essential. I love to invest a bit more in this staple to use throughout the years.

Fall Workwear Style

Jeans // Booties


There is no denying the confidence a pair of good booties can give you! These beautiful black booties can go with any workwear outfit. They have support and a low/medium heel height. You will get all the benefits of wearing heels without any pain. The pointed-toe style elongates your legs and looks so chic! I love to style mine with dresses, trousers, or jeans outside the office.


Fall Workwear Style

Trousers // Collared Sweater // Heels // Blazer // Necklace // Purse


A knit sweater is an item you will wear again and again. Sweaters look so chic layered over dresses, trousers, and jeans. I love a chunky knit tossed over my shoulders while wearing a blazer.


Check out more fall capsules here.

xx Tammy

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Fall Capsule: What You Need From EVEREVE

Fall Capsule: What You Need From EVEREVE 2560 1707 Tammy Caciola

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Fall Capsule With EVEREVE

While fashion trends come and go, there are always classic pieces that I can depend on. Not only are those pieces forever stylish, but they are also easy to put on without much effort. Go-to pieces that you know will always look good. Also, when you invest in high-quality, timeless pieces, you won’t have to worry about needing to donate them a year later when they are longer in style.

I have found some of my favorite Fall Capsule pieces from EVEREVE. They are classic, high-quality pieces that will last season after season. Versatile items that you will reach for again and again through the season!

Are you looking for more outfit inspo? Here are a few other EVEREVE outfits I love: Fall Outfits with EVEREVE, EVEREVE Summer Syles, EVEREVE Spring Edit, and Fall Basics to Add to Your Closet from EVEREVE.

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Faux Leather Blazer // Ribbed Top // Jeans // Boots // Chunky Gold Necklace, Bracelet

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Faux Leather Blazer // Ribbed Top // Jeans // Boots // Chunky Gold Necklace, Bracelet


Faux leather has come so far since it was first introduced! This blazer looks more expensive than it is…. neutral color to mix with fall colors, and I love the cut! You can’t go wrong with it! Throw it over a dress, skirt, tee, bodysuit, etc.

In the picture above, I paired it with a black ribbed short sleeve sweater and denim—such a chic and effortless look for fall.

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Button Down Top // Black Dress // Belt // Sneakers

The Perfect LBD

One of the most popular and timeless pieces is the famous Little Black Dress (LBD). They are perfect for almost every occasion. I love to dress mine up or down; I wear them running errands with sneakers for a casual-chic look, on date night with heels, and I love layering them with a white button-up and belt for chillier weather.

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Sweater Vest // Button Down Top // Jeans // Booties

Sweater Vest

The sweater vest trend is back for fall, and I love how versatile it is! This vest is the best neutral color! It pairs nicely with almost anything. I like to mix the knit fabric with a satin midi and a plaid jacket over!

Fall capsule with EVEREVE

Button Down Top // Black Dress // Belt // Necklace // Bracelet

White Button Down

The workhorse of your wardrobe year around. The style options are endless for this white button-down! You can wear it as a bathing suit coverup, layered over a dress, tucked into jeans, or tied up to get that boho-chic look. Looks so good under sweater vests or over your LBD. You can keep this item in your fall capsule and closet all year!

Cardigan // White Tank // Jeans // Mules // Tote Bag

Everyday Tote

An excellent neutral tote bag is a year-round staple. This tote bag is a new line that EVEREVE is carrying. The high-quality natural leather fabric, mixed with a functional design, makes for the perfect bag. This bag has two exterior pockets and an unlined interior with a zipper pocket. It fits all of my must-haves comfortably and with room for more! A staple to my fall capsule.

Fall capsule with EVEREVE


I cannot tell you how often I reach for mules in the fall. They are so easy to slip on and pull a look together. I love the croc embossing and neutral color with gold details. Perfect for warmer climates where you do not need a bootie.

Fall capsule with EVEREVE, cropped jean jacket, denim

Cropped Jacket// Black Ribbed Short Sleeve // Denim // Heels

Cropped Jacket

I love a long trench coat and how it instantly gives a relaxed vibe to an outfit. Believe me, I have many! However, living in the South, I do not wear longer outer layers much. I do find myself reaching for cropped layers. This cropped jacket is perfect for pairing with everything from pants to dresses. The look above is a great date night option with the sweetheart neckline of the ribbed short sleeve sweater and clear heels that have been on repeat for several seasons!

Fall capsule with EVEREVE, denim, fall fashion, sweater vest


Booties are one of my favorite pieces to buy every fall! These boots are incredibly comfortable and look gorgeous under denim! They pair so nicely with a wide range of outfits. I wear mine with dresses, skirts, jeans, and leggings. The styling options are endless.


xx Tammy

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