Spanx AirEssentials Review

Spanx AirEssentials Review

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Her Fashioned Life wearing black wide-leg pants and a denim jacket for spring

Jean Jacket // Bag // Wide Leg Pant // Sneakers

Spanx AirEssentials Review

The key to building a wardrobe you love is having good basics that fit you well and make you feel good when wearing them. Sometimes that means spending a little extra on those key pieces that will serve you well and last you for years to come. Today I want to share my Spanx AirEssentials Review!

The difference between regular jersey material and AirEssentials is the smooth, soft fabric that will elevate your look. 

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AirEssentials Crewneck with Turtleneck Bodysuit and Wide Leg Pant


Crewneck(sz S) // Turtleneck(sz S) // Wide Leg Pant (sz XS) // Bag // Similar Shoes

We have all grown to love good sweatpants, and this one hits all of my must-have points. I have shared these wide-leg pants many times over on my Instagram, and they are still my go-to! These sweatpants are lightweight, luxuriously soft, and fit so well. I love that they can be styled up when paired with heels and a chic crewneck or styled down with sneakers and a hoodie.

I love that the AirEssentials pieces are easy to care for. Just toss in the washer and then the dryer. This material doesn’t easily wrinkle, so it’s perfect for travel. I’ve repeatedly worn these sweatpants in the hot Texas summer and haven’t overheated. The material really does breathe, which is ideal if you, like me,  are also dealing with hot flashes!

Crewneck(sz S) // Turtleneck(sz S) // Wide Leg Pant(sz XS) // Bag // Shoes

The comfy crewneck you will want to live in all year round. This crewneck is buttery soft, has 4-way stretch, and is made of lightweight fabric that you won’t want to take off. It will match perfectly with all of the AirEssential pieces. The back has a cute pleated detail I love.

These crewnecks are perfect to layer over tops and button-ups. Denim, silks, and cotton materials will all pair beautifully.

Crew Neck with Silk Button-Up and Twill Pants

Crewneck (sz S) // Button Down (sz S) // Stretch Twill Wide Leg Pant (sz S) // Shoes

Are you looking for your new go-to spring/summer pant? One of my favorites is the Stretch Twill Cropped Pant I have on above! The pants have a pull-on design and hidden tummy shaping. These twill pants are available in several colors, and I have (and wear) white the most. Highly recommend these cropped pants. They are always a top-seller for me. I wear an sz small with a 25″ waist.

Crewneck  (sz S) // Turtleneck (sz S)// Tapered Sweatpant (sz XS) // Shoes

Another thing I love about this line is that you can choose from a tapered-leg like I have on above or the wide-leg pants I talked about earlier. I bought both because I reach for them so much, and each pant creates a different look.

The tapered pants feel a little more sporty. I like to wear them on walks or while running an errand.

Tapered Pants with Cropped Top

Pullover (sz S) // Tapered Sweatpant (sz XS) // Sneakers

I can’t praise AirEssential fabric enough. If you’ve been on the fence about this sweatsuit, go ahead and pull the trigger.  I rarely find a sweatsuit that I continually want to wear, but this one gets worn weekly! Plus, because Spanx makes it, you know the quality is high.  You will keep these in your rotation for years to come. It’s truly worth every penny!

I have a discount code for you! FASHIONEDLIFEXSPANX will get you 10% off plus free shipping and returns!

See the fabric in action below!


xx Tammy

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