How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime

How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime

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Tips to Make Cashmere Last

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How To Make Cashmere Last A Lifetime

Caring for your cashmere garments can feel like a daunting task. Cashmere is such a fine and delicate material. Taking your items to the dry cleaners might seem to be the easiest way to get them clean. However, this is often not necessary. With a few extra steps and a little more effort, you can care for your cashmere garments at home and help your cashmere to last a lifetime.

How to Wash Cashmere

Washing your cashmere will require some planning in advance. It is recommended only to clean your items after several wears, as this will help preserve the fibers’ quality. For any washing method, use a mild detergent approved for delicate fibers.

If your garment is hand washable, wash it in cold water with a detergent specifically designed to wash wool. Gently squeeze the water through the garment until it runs clear, but do not wring or twist. Squeeze any excess water out of the garment.

Machine washable garments should be washed on a cold water cycle at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees. Use a gentle detergent like you would if you were hand washing.

If You Get A Stain

Remove the clothing as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting in.

Dab the area with a stain remover or eucalyptus oil, applying a small amount at a time and working inwards to avoid spreading. Make sure to dab the area and not scrub, pull, or use a scrubber on the stain.

Tips for Taking Care of Cashmere

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How to Dry Cashmere

When drying your cashmere, I recommend staying as far away from the dryer as possible. Cashmere and wool severely shrink when put through a warm dryer. So instead of drying, after washing the garment, carefully squeeze out all excess water until the garment is damp. Place the garment on a dry towel in a dark and dry area or on top of a drying rack. Cashmere will take time to dry, so make sure you allow plenty of time for the garment to dry before needing to wear it.

Tips for Washing Cashmere

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Tips & Tricks for Making Cashmere Last

Properly caring for your cashmere knitwear will help extend the life of your garments and will help keep their quality and shine for years to come.


Pilling is when you notice little fabric balls appearing on the surface of your garment. It is often caused by rubbing during wear.

Some ways to help prevent pilling include:

  • Turn your garments inside out when washing. After your garments have been washed a few times, their fibers will strengthen, which will lessen the pilling.
  • Use a razor to remove excess pilling. Be very careful and use a light hand not to snag the threads. I have this specialized tool I use.

How to Store Cashmere

Knitwear should be folded and stored flat. Storing on a hanger may cause stretching of the garment and cause it to misshape. When packing your knitwear for the summer season, ensure they are freshly washed and dried. Pack your knitwear in an airtight sealed container away from direct sunlight.

Naked Cashmere

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My Go-To Cashmere

If you’re looking to add to your cashmere piece collection, one of my personal favorites is Naked Cashmere. Naked cashmere uses only cruelty-free, fair-trade cashmere, meaning that 100% of their herders’ harvests are purchased, regardless of ups and downs. The cashmere hairs are collected only once a year during molting season via hand-combing, the preferred (and cruelty-free) method!

Some of my favorite items pictured above are the Krissa Turtleneck sweater, Gina Midi Skirt, and the Zia Cashmere set!

The Krissa Turtleneck sweater is cozy and chic and can be styled in many ways. The definition of a timeless piece! The Zia Cashmere set is perfect for a put-together lounge look. A zip-up top and wide-leg bottoms make this the ideal set in or out of the house.

Even though cashmere comes at a higher price tag, with the tips above, it will last you a lifetime.



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