Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine 1579 1058 Tammy Caciola

Beauty Cocktails 101

Beauty cocktails are basically combining several products together and applying as one. This not only saves time but you can also control how much product is in the mixture. I usually have the main product be the bulk of the cocktail then another product at half as much and a third product at a quarter. Mixing the products in your hand before you apply to your skin or hair will give you an even application. There is such a noticeable difference when applied this way, especially to your face!

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Beauty Cocktails

Cocktail – Night Anti-Aging Treatment

I started using Tazarotene, a strong prescription Retinol cream and found I was missing using my usual oils and moisturizer at night. I decided to start mixing the products together, then applying as one blended product and woke up to my skin literally glowing!

*All of the details of what you need to know about Retinol are found here 

I love the effective results, Retinol gives! It is an anti-aging prescription cream that minimizes wrinkles, builds collagen and lightens dark spots. It is the one cream that you need in your skin-routine over 35.

The Naturopathica Carrot Seed Oil smells so good!  The three key organic oils in it are carrot, evening primrose seed, and lavender.  Maybe it’s the lavender oil in it, but I can’t wait to put it on! It hydrates and protects the skin. You can also mix this in with your facial cleanser!

The CosMedix pure C  in a powdered form keeps the strength high. It can sometimes degrade in liquid form. This product is an absolute favorite of mine!  It tingles a little when you put it on. That just helps me know it is active and working. This anti-aging product brightens my skin and helps protect it from free radicals. I never want to be without this!

1 part – Tazarotene (Retinol A by Prescription) Alternate over the counter – SkinCeuticals

1/2 –  Naturopathica Carrot Seed Oil

1/4 – CosMedix Pure C 

Beauty cocktails

Cocktail – Foundation For Natural Glowy Skin

I actually just started doing this and I’m obsessed! La Mer soft fluid foundation is my personal favorite. I’m on my second bottle of it. I feel like the patented miracle broth ingredient, sunscreen, smell and texture are worth the high price. It is, however, is a bit matte for my tastes.

I used to layer Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow over my foundation.  If you haven’t tried CT Healthy Glow do yourself a favor and order a tube today! This magical product evens out your skin tone and truly gives you a summertime healthy glow! I then found another CT product, Brightening Youth Glow, which is also so amazing! The results when I blend them together before I apply are gorgeous!

If you need more moisture in your skin during cold months or just have a drying foundation, add a bit of skin oil to the cocktail.

1 part – La Mer soft fluid foundation 

1/2 – Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow

1/3 – Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow

beauty cocktail eye shadow, blush, bronzer

Cocktail – Makeup

Using makeup pallets is an easy way to blend together colors to achieve your desired effect.  Whether you’re blending a bronzer, eyeshadow or blush, you can create your perfect custom color! Also, lipsticks are almost always better mixed with other colors. Most in-home professional makeup artists bring a pallet of cream lipsticks and create and blend a custom shade for you.

I’ve used the La Bella Donna products pictured above for years! They blend beautifully and have all day staying power that I love! The luminous glow you get with these powders is just gorgeous!  All ingredients are pure, clean and never tested on animals.

Bronzer Pallet La Bella Donna Sunset

Blush Pallet La Bella Donna

Eye Shadow Pallet La Bella Donna

Beaty Cocktail

Cocktail – Hair Smoothing

Not sure why I didn’t start doing this sooner but better late than never I guess! I have thick coarse hair and achieving the smooth finish my hairstylist is able to achieve is a challenge for sure! If you have hair like mine, I highly suggest this cocktail!

I started using Monat hair products and have truly seen a difference in my texture. #notsponcered  It also helps with hair loss and tames that brassy look between hair appointment I used to get! The Blo Out cream is made for ALL HAIR types. It is a game changer!

The Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration cream is actually an overnight repair product. It is going to restore softness and shine to your hair. This whole product line is top of the tier for anti-aging hair products.

Lastly, I’ve been a Kevin Murphy fan for years. This smoothing product does just that, it smooths the hair follicle to give you a silky feel!


1 – part Monat Blo Out Cream Jonie Canfield with the link in her bio for more information.

1/2 – Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration

1/4 – Kevin Murphy Smooth Again

Do you use beauty cocktail now? Are you ready to try one?

Thank you so much for reading!

xx Tammy

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