Styling A Polka Dot Dress Three Ways

Styling A Polka Dot Dress Three Ways

Styling A Polka Dot Dress Three Ways 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Polka Dot Dress with denim jacket


Polka dot dress with denim jacket

The polka dot trend is coming back around. I remember wearing this print in the 80’s! Princess Di and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman also jumped in on the trend. It’s such a fun and actually versatile print when styled right.  Minnie Mouse is the best, however looking like her is not my goal 🙂

I have styled the same polka dot dress three ways for you!

I started with the daytime look here. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you will receive styling tips for the trendy look which is super cute and the date night look, which is totally chic! I’m using the same $49.00 polka dot dress in all three outfits to give you three completely different looks!

Daytime Styling For A Polka Dot Dress

When you wear polka dots in the day, mix it up with natural textures, such as denim jeans or a denim jacket over your shoulders. For shoe choices, I like to be comfortable in the day so I gravitate toward espadrille sneakers, or sandals, (See sandal post here) or low block heels. Choosing one of these shoe styles will give you the casual look you’re going for. Lastly, wearing a crossbody bag will also give you daytime feels in your outfit!

You’re not going to want to miss the other two styling options for this dress! Date Night Chic and a fun Trendy Look!


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