Dermal Fillers 101- What you need to know

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I started this blog because I love to share what works for me as a 50-year young woman:) I want to preface this post by saying a couple of things. First, using fillers or botox is a woman’s individual journey. As I talked about in my post How and When To Get Botox. For myself, I didn’t turn to fillers to help keep up my appearance until I was in my mid 40’s. I believe that doing IPL’s and superficial laser treatments helped keep the collagen in my face around longer than if I hadn’t done those type of treatments.¬† That is what you’re doing when you start to use derma fillers, basically replacing the fullness in your face that you lose as you age.

Where To Start

By far choosing the right doctor is where you need to start. Ask your friends, read online reviews, and go through their social media. The doctor’s office Instagram will give you a good sense of what their work looks like from the before and after pictures. Finally, schedule a consult to see if they are a good fit for you.

What To Fill

You will want to consult with your doctor about what needs attention. Lips are always a popular choice to start. Less is always more here. I go for a subtle enhanced look, plumping out the lines that were not there in my 20’s! You can add more product when you go to your 2-week after procedure appointment if you want more. Dissolving product is also an option at your check-up appointment if you’re not happy with the result. Dissolving product stings and bit and you’ve already paid for what you’re now removing, so that’s why it so important to choose the right doctor to get it right the first time.

I love to fill the bottom third of my face, my chin area. I feel like it smooths out my skin. Also, it magically makes my lips look fuller, and I always love the results! Under the eye filler also makes a dramatic difference! Filler along the cheekbone lifts your face a bit where your smile lines are and defines your cheeks. Filler can even be used to give you a straighter nose! I’ve seen amazing before and after’s on the nose area!

What Type Of Filler

There are so many types of fillers with new products coming out regularly. The molecules in fillers have been specially formulated for different areas of the face. Some are very thin for the under-eye area and some thicker for a more significant enhancement. Most types of fillers can be dissolved after they have been injected if you do not like the results. Some you cannot though so discuss that when you choose your type of filler.

Saving Face

I have been seeing Brooke at Saving Face for many years. I highly recommend her and her staff, Victoria and Lisa, if you are in Austin. Brooke was voted a top 100 injector in the nation! Injectiontables are their specialty and that is what they expertly do all day long.

I’m so excited to tell you about a special discount with Saving Face!!! Use the code HER FASHIONED LIFE to receive 10% off your injectable procedure of choice through September!!!

This discount can add up to a big chunk of cash so don’t wait if you want to book with Saving Face. Call them at 512-572-1280 to schedule your appt.

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Full Body IPL Treatment

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Getting a full body IPL spot treatment (scroll down for before/after pictures) is one of my favorite anti-aging procedures. I received my first treatment in my mid 30’s and was immediately¬†addicted to¬†how clear my skin was afterward!

I have had four more since then, over 15 years. Always during the winter months so that my skin that has¬†been treated will be entirely covered while it heals. It’s also¬†essential not have any sun exposure during the healing time. If you do, then using a sunscreen with a physical¬†block (Zinc Oxide) is highly recommended.

What’s The Treatment Like

Unlike an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment¬†on the face, there usually is not numbing cream applied before a body treatment. You shouldn’t need it. The sensation you feel will be like a rubber band flicking you. It’s very manageable. Trust me, I’m a big baby when it comes to pain, and I’ve never needed numbing cream. For me, alot of this treatment is focused on my arms. They are usually wholly treated. The rest¬†of my body, belly, legs, and back are only treated where there are dark sunspots.

The spot treatment moves very fast and doesn’t usually take more than 20 minutes in total.


The only real aftercare you will need is to keep the treated areas out of the sun. However, I do highly suggest having this cream on hand to apply after an IPL procedure.¬† It’s a french emulsion¬†that addresses burns.¬† I use it after any laser treatment I get. This cream soothes and speeds the healing process. Spread it on very thick, and your skin will absorb it quickly. You can put as many layers on as you need.

If you do have sun exposure, a physical sunscreen such as this one is ideal.

What you will see on your treated areas are the dark spots getting darker and eventually flaking off. Sometimes it can take three weeks for them to entirely on your body. Your face happens much quicker.

Choosing Your Doctor

Choosing your doctor is the most critical part of getting an IPL done. I have been severely¬†burnt before. Not fun you don’t want to go there. If that does happen though just know that your skin eventually will even out, and the result from the burn, which is striping, will fade.

Luckily, laser technology evolves very quickly, and the new machines out there can prevent this from happening. What device your doctor will be using is import to know.

If your in or around Austin, I highly recommend Dr. Saxon. She is a top-rated expert in her field. Dr. Saxon also has the newest, best machine out there that I have seen. It’s called an ICON IPL machine and has a handheld device that will measure the melanin in your skin. It then sets the exact setting for your skin type. This way there is not any guessing or burning. You can safely achieve¬†clear skin without the chance of burning!




Having had melanoma skin cancer in my past, I do suggest you see your dermatologist to get cleared before having this treatment. Hopefully, you are going for yearly skin checks already.

In Collaboration with Saxon MD


xx Tammy

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Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling

Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling 1080 1080 Tammy Caciola

Microneedling 101 Her Fashioned Life


Micro-needling is one of my favorite anti-aging procedures. I’ve had five treatments in the past year, and the multiple benefits that I have seen in my skin have been incredible. This procedure¬†has reduced my¬†fine lines around my mouth and eyes, helped the crepey¬†skin on the neck and built collagen¬†in my chest area. Pores are also reduced giving a smooth finish to my skin.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan and somewhat addicted¬†to this procedure. Unlike laser treatments, that you need to be out of the sun for, this can be done year around. It will not affect any fillers you have in your face either because there is no heat.

If you follow my anti-aging¬†instastories¬†on Instagram, you’ve seen me walk you through the whole treatment from start to finish. I also go through my after procedure care so you will get the most from your treatment.

Know Before You Go:

Choose Your Doctor Wisely¬†–

Even though this procedure is widely done at med spa’s around the country and even sold to do it yourself at home (more about that below) do your research¬†and find a qualified professional to do this treatment. Never take any skin treatment lightly. You want to put your self in capable, experienced hands when it comes to your face. Do not just look to price when you’re making your¬†decision. Research online reviews, ask friends or your dermatologist. You might end up paying a little more, but your results and experience will most likely be better.

What To Wear –¬†

Usually, you take your shirt off and put on a robe once you get there. Your face, neck, and chest, if you decide to do all three, will have topical numbing cream applied before the treatment. I suggest wearing a cotton button up that is washable, so you do not have to slide a top over your face after the procedure. Cotton just feels better than a sweater over irritated skin.

Some places provide disposable headbands for your hair; some do not. I suggest just bringing your own to keep your hair out of the numbing cream.

I usually take my shoes off when having this treatment, so socks are cozy too.

Aftercare –¬†

The procedure usually takes 15 min to numb and 15-30 min to complete. There might be a small amount of mini dark (blood) spots on your face, this is normal. Bruising could also happen around the eyes. No make-up is to be applied for 24 hours. What you do want to apply for bonus skin-care points is a retinol product. Know that this will probably make you peel whereas the micro-needling does not make you peel.

The microscopic holes in your skin will take any product you use down deeper than usual. Look to Hyaluronic Acid and serums to keep reapplying during this time. If you have a red light skin therapy device, I highly suggest using that as well!

I usually try to make it a down day at home when I have this done, but I can totally do small errands.

Saxon MD

I couldn’t be happier to put my face in the hands of Dr. Saxon. She is a top rated, board-certified plastic surgeon that has relocated to Austin Tx about a year ago. When you meet Dr. Saxon and her¬†wonderful team they make you feel completely at ease and will be there to help you through any procedure you have with her! Bonus: She is doing all of the procedures herself at this time, so you know you are in very capable hands!

You can read about her extensive training here. 

Dr. Saxon has graciously answered some Question below about micro-needling. Please feel free to put any other questions in the comments below!

What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a handheld device that uses rapid-fire tiny needles to create a series of many tiny punctures in the top layer of skin. This controlled injury inspires the skin’s natural healing process to respond, which leads to
collagen production and cell turnover.

What will micro-needling treat?

Microneedling treats fine lines, uneven texture and tone of the skin, and can improve the appearance of acne and other types of scars.

Will it hurt?

A topical numbing cream is applied all over the face before treatment, so pain should be minimal. Most people say the vibration of the hand-held device actually tickles a little.

How much downtime can a person expect?

This procedure has little to no downtime. You can expect the treated areas to be fairly red the first 24 hours afterward, but then you should be left with just mildly pink skin if anything. It is advised to avoid wearing makeup or applying any skin products for the first 24 hours after the procedure, after which sunscreen should be worn every day.

How many treatments do you suggest?

A series of three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is. Great starting point. Some people may need more treatments depending on the severity of skin imperfections.

What does it cost?

A package of 3 is $800, a package of 5 sessions is $1200

Can this procedure be done effectively and safely at home?

At-home micro-needling treatments usually involve using a dermaroller and offer only modest results. I don’t particularly like these since the needles don’t pierce the skin perpendicularly and can damage the skin. It is also more difficult to clean, and the needles tend to get dull with repeated use making it easier to cause scars. The spread of bacteria can at the least cause acne, but at worse can cause an infection in the skin, such as a Staph infection. Also, if treatments are not done by an experienced practitioner it is easy to be too aggressive or not aggressive enough leaving you with a bad result.

When you call Dr. Saxon for an appointment, tell them Tammy from Her Fashioned Life sent you and you will get a free consultation (value $100.00)

In collaboration with Saxon MD

xx Tammy

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beauty cocktail eye shadow, blush, bronzer

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine 1579 1058 Tammy Caciola

Beauty Cocktails 101

Beauty cocktails are basically combining several products together and applying as one. This not only saves time but you can also control how much product is in the mixture. I usually have the main product be the bulk of the cocktail then another product at half as much and a third product at a quarter. Mixing the products in your hand before you apply to your skin or hair will give you an even application. There is such a noticeable difference when applied this way, especially to your face!

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Why You Need Beauty Cocktails In Your Routine

Beauty Cocktails

Cocktail РNight Anti-Aging Treatment

I started using Tazarotene, a strong prescription Retinol cream and found I was missing using my usual oils and moisturizer at night. I decided to start mixing the products together, then applying as one blended product and woke up to my skin literally glowing!

*All of the details of what you need to know about Retinol are found here 

I love the effective results, Retinol gives! It is an anti-aging prescription cream that minimizes wrinkles, builds collagen and lightens dark spots. It is the one cream that you need in your skin-routine over 35.

The Naturopathica Carrot Seed Oil smells so good!¬† The three key organic oils in it are carrot, evening primrose seed, and lavender.¬† Maybe it’s the lavender oil in it, but I can’t wait to put it on! It hydrates and protects the skin. You can also mix this in with your facial cleanser!

The CosMedix pure C  in a powdered form keeps the strength high. It can sometimes degrade in liquid form. This product is an absolute favorite of mine!  It tingles a little when you put it on. That just helps me know it is active and working. This anti-aging product brightens my skin and helps protect it from free radicals. I never want to be without this!

1 part РTazarotene (Retinol A by Prescription) Alternate over the counter РSkinCeuticals

1/2 –¬† Naturopathica Carrot Seed Oil

1/4 РCosMedix Pure C 

Beauty cocktails

Cocktail – Foundation For Natural Glowy Skin

I actually just started doing this and I’m obsessed! La Mer soft fluid foundation is my personal favorite. I’m on my second bottle of it. I feel like the patented miracle broth ingredient, sunscreen, smell and texture are worth the high price. It is, however, is a bit matte for my tastes.

I used to layer Charlotte Tilbury¬†Healthy Glow over my foundation.¬† If you haven’t tried CT Healthy Glow do yourself a favor and order a tube today! This magical product evens out your skin tone and truly gives you a summertime healthy glow! I then found another CT product, Brightening Youth Glow, which is also so amazing! The results when I blend them together before I apply are gorgeous!

If you need more moisture in your skin during cold months or just have a drying foundation, add a bit of skin oil to the cocktail.

1 part РLa Mer soft fluid foundation 

1/2 – Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow

1/3 – Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow

beauty cocktail eye shadow, blush, bronzer

Cocktail – Makeup

Using makeup¬†pallets is an easy way to blend together colors to achieve your desired effect.¬† Whether you’re blending a bronzer, eyeshadow or blush, you can create your perfect custom color! Also, lipsticks are almost always better mixed with other colors. Most in-home professional makeup artists bring a pallet of cream lipsticks and create and blend a custom shade for you.

I’ve used the La Bella Donna products pictured above for years! They blend beautifully and have all day staying power that I love! The luminous glow you get with these powders is just gorgeous!¬† All ingredients are pure, clean and never tested on animals.

Bronzer Pallet La Bella Donna Sunset

Blush Pallet La Bella Donna

Eye Shadow Pallet La Bella Donna

Beaty Cocktail

Cocktail – Hair Smoothing

Not sure why I didn’t start doing this sooner but better late than never I guess! I have thick coarse¬†hair and achieving the¬†smooth finish my hairstylist is able to achieve is a challenge¬†for sure! If you have hair like mine, I highly suggest this cocktail!

I started using Monat hair products and have truly seen a difference in my texture. #notsponcered  It also helps with hair loss and tames that brassy look between hair appointment I used to get! The Blo Out cream is made for ALL HAIR types. It is a game changer!

The Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration cream is actually an overnight repair product. It is going to restore softness and shine to your hair. This whole product line is top of the tier for anti-aging hair products.

Lastly, I’ve been a Kevin Murphy fan for years. This smoothing product does just that, it smooths the hair follicle to give you a silky feel!


1 – part Monat Blo Out Cream Jonie Canfield with the link in her bio for more information.

1/2 – Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration

1/4 – Kevin Murphy Smooth Again

Do you use beauty cocktail now? Are you ready to try one?

Thank you so much for reading!

xx Tammy

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Interior Decor at Saving Face in Austin, Texas - Her Fashioned Life

How and When To Start Getting Botox

How and When To Start Getting Botox 722 1080 Tammy Caciola


How and when to get Botox

When you read a blog post on Her Fashioned Life, I want you to feel comfortable that I’m being transparent and honest with you in all things. That said, let me start by saying, I am not in any way an expert or doctor and all information and opinions below are from my past experiences. I’m also very excited to have the owner of Saving Face, Brooke Nichol RN, agree to answer a couple of questions at the end of this post and get her expert opinions.

I started my journey with Botox at age 35. The middle of the brows, the 11’s, as they are called, were my first target. At this time, I only¬†needed to go every 6 months or so to keep the wrinkles at bay. As I aged more I added my forehead and then finally around the eyes, (crows feet) a touch. Now in my late 40’s, I have a regularly¬†scheduled appointment,¬† just like I do with my hair or nails,¬† every 3-4 months. At each appointment, my chosen expert, Brooke from Saving Face, skillfully assess my face with her trained eye and treats me accordingly to what I would benefit¬†from.

When Should You Start Injections

“Aging is out of your control how you handle it though is in your hands. “-Diane Von Furstenberg

I’m happy to say injectables are becoming more acceptable in our society! Woman have access to cutting-edge products and techniques¬†that are helping them age gracefully. When and if you decide to take advantage of Botox is ultimately up to you, and your comfort level of what you think of your reflection in the mirror. One thing to remember about Botox is that it’s not permanent. Usually 4-5 months and then it’s gone. So it’s not a major commitment.

It’s a bit of a trend now for 20 somethings to start injections before they see the wrinkles. I do not have experience with this so I cannot attest to being an early bird. I waited until I had the wrinkles and knew I would feel better about my appearance without them.

What You Need To Know and Do Before You Go


Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a qualified and good doctor, however, unless you know the women very well, you’re not going to want to ask people where they are getting their botox. The next best way to find a reputable doctor is to start with an internet¬†search of “Best Botox Doctors in Austin” – or your city. Make a list of 10 or so, Google each doctor to look for red flags in reviews. When you have your list down to 3 or 4, call the offices and ask about the training and experience of the doctor administering the botulinum toxin injections.

Also, ask about pricing per unit in your phone call. Most reputable doctors will run around the same, but they can give you a rough estimate of how much the treatment will be for each area.

Please stay away from all pop-up shops, botox parties and Groupon discounts, these can lead to very bad experiences you do not want to have.

Once you feel confident in your choice, you can either schedule a consult to get to know the doctor better, answer any questions and get a firmer cost for the procedure or go ahead and schedule to receive treatment.

The treatment is very quick, 15 to 30 min.  A numbing cream will not be used. Saving Face gives you an ice pack right before they inject which is very appreciated!

Pre Injections

  • Skip the fish oil, vitamin E, aspirin or anything that thins your blood for 2-3 days prior. This will lessen any bruising.
  • Take arnica or bromelain (pineapple) supplements¬†the day of.
  • Plan the timing of your appt. There is a chance of bruising, usually, you can cover with makeup, but if you have an event planned just know that it is possible.

Post Appointment

  • I love to rub in arnica oil at the injection spots for 24 hours or so, it helps with swelling and bruising. You can also continue the bromelain supplements after until your bruise, if any, goes away.
  • Stay upright for 3-4 hours.

Side Effects

  • You may have bumps at the injection sites for up to 15 min or so. Most likely, they will be gone by the time you get to your car.
  • Slight Bruising

It will take 3-5 days to see the full results. When it takes effect your skin should be visibly smooth. Not artificial looking, just youthful. Most doctors want to see you two weeks after to see if any touch up is needed.

Interior Decor and Wall Art at Saving Face in Austin, Texas - Her Fashioned Life

Saving Face Q & A

Saving Face is a boutique injectable lounge, in Austin, Texas. They specialize in anti-aging injectables, including dermal fillers, neuromuscular modulators, and skin care. The owner, Brooke Nichol and her nurse practitioner, Victoria Hunter pride themselves in knowing the latest techniques and procedures with the safest, FDA regulated products. They only do injections all day long and are experts in their field. Brooke and Victoria are dedicated to excellent services and client relationships. First, they will assist you in a custom treatment plan to collaborate on what the next few steps may be in your process. After clearing an aesthetic assessment, you will be on your way to feeling great with a rejuvenated, fresh face.

I have been going to Saving Face now for a year, and couldn’t be happier! Their knowledge of the facial muscles and how to give, in Brooke’s words,¬† “a new natural appearance” is truly like no other I’ve experienced through the years! I’m so happy I have found this little gem in Austin and couldn’t recommend them more if you live in Austin TX!

Brooke has kindly agreed to answer some questions I had for her below!

I would love to hear your thoughts on what botox can add¬†to the modern woman’s life.

Thank you so much for including me in this blog and for entrusting me with your beautiful face. At Saving Face, our motto is, Look Good, to feel Good, to Do Good and for today’s modern woman, Botox is one of the most efficient ways to do just that. It is a quick and painless approach to anti-aging where results can take you further than lotions and potions.

There is alot of confusion between the products, Botox and Dysport. Can you tell us the difference?

There are three FDA approved Neuro-modulators in the US currently. We often time misuse the brand Botox for the treatment similar to the Kleenex brand for tissue. Without getting too detailed, Botox takes a little longer to take effect (5-7 days) where Dysport can take effect immediately (1-3 days). Xeomin is the other brand on the market where in some cases can be the saving grace when Botox or Dysport doesn’t work and it is what I use when I travel because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The results are completely personalized to each individual. I would suggest trying them all and seeing which one works best for you.

Besides the facial muscles, what other areas of the body can benefit from using Botox?

Botox is used for many medical issues but the most common that we see, hyperhidrosis (excess sweating either in underarms, palms, or feet), migraines, and TMJ.

How common and what is the dreaded droopy eye?

There is a common misinterpretation of “droopy eye” versus “droopy brow”. A true lid ptosis (“lazy eye”) is not common at all and in the recent Botox study for treating the forehead lines was less than 1%. A more common side effect is a heavy brow or asymmetry in the brows. This can usually be corrected easily and should be addressed in the follow-up appointment. If you hold your brows up subconsciously you are likely not a candidate to treat the forehead lines because we would all rather see than have a smooth forehead.

How long does this procedure usually last in a patient?

This procedure takes 15 minutes to perform with individualized results lasting between 3 and 4 months. We tend to treat very conservatively and therefore we see our patient back closer to every 3 months. It gives a more natural result and clients seem to not mind one extra treatment a year versus looking a bit odd or “frozen”.

Thank you for reading! I hope this answers your questions and if not please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

xx Tammy

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What Products to ditch for 2018

What Beauty Products To Ditch for 2018

What Beauty Products To Ditch for 2018 1024 768 Tammy Caciola

Beauty Products

A fresh new year is here if you can believe it! Along with it comes new resolutions to hopefully create better lives for ourselves. I’m actually not particularly¬†big on resolutions, I believe in living the best life I can everyday. However, I do love the clean slate feeling a new year brings!

This is the perfect time of year to give your beauty products a makeover! Cosmetics expire like other perishable items. Taking the time to sort your items and ditch the old will make space for the new and keep your skin in beautiful shape!

Unused Products

Products you haven’t used in the past year is an easy place to start. We all have a statement lipstick we’ve bought for that one occasion¬†but then didn’t wear it and will probably¬†never will. Makeup pallets we didn’t quite get around to using. If you haven’t worn it by now your not going to.

You know what you like, so simplify your life and your vanity, and dump the rest you thought you might like.


Expired Dates

Makeup and creams can last far longer than the expire dates so take a close look at your sunscreens, beauty creams, and serums. Nothing is worse than a cream that makes your face break out because you kept it past the expiry date. The potency of sunscreens will drop considerably after 1 year. If you do not see an expiration date on an item when you buy it, write the day you bought it on the package with a sharpie then at the end of a year you can toss it.

Makeup Brushes & Sponges

Professional makeup artists¬†clean their¬†brushes after each use to prevent germs and keep their products pristine. I’m so guilty of using¬†my makeup brushes and not cleaning them way past their prime! Either clean them with gentle¬†brush cleaner now or use a gift card to buy new ones! Sponges should be thrown out after a couple of uses.


You should be even more diligent with Products that are applied right next to your eyeball. Bacteria that builds up on the brush from being taken in and out can cause redness, itching and even conjunctivitis. Replace your mascara every 3-4 months.

Foundation & Concealer

Bacteria and germs love the water-based¬†products! As result, foundation¬†has a shelf life of 6-12 months after it’s been opened. Concealer¬†and powder will be should, however, be good for around 2 years. These expired products can cause skin irritations and breakouts.

I’ve listed some of my favorite basics below to help you with your beauty refresh. You can also visit my Beauty Shop Page for more!

Thanks so much for reading!

xx- Tammy

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Pinnable image below


Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Winter Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin 1024 760 Tammy Caciola

Winter Skin Care Routine

Transition Your Skin Care for Winter

Winter is here and just as your wardrobe has changed, your skin care routine will need to also change. Transitioning your skin care from a fairly simple and relaxed warm climate routine to a hydrating regimen for cool, dry weather will keep your skin glowing all year long.  I have gathered some of my favorite skin care products to make the transition easy.


These drug-store cleansers are dermatologist recommended. I’ve been using them for years and I love saving money on cleansers and spending on pricey¬†serums and¬†moisturizers that stay on your skin.¬† I use CeraVe Foaming Wash as a daily cleanser. ¬†It helps repair the skin barrier function with hydraulic acid and ceramides. ¬†For acne prone skin, the cult favorite is Neutrogena for Acne Prone Skin. ¬†It cleanses with salicylic acid while also reducing redness.


To maintain a clear, soft complexion, it’s important to exfoliate¬†once or twice a week. More is not better here, you might irritate your skin. Choose a product with round granules, so you do not cause micro-tears in your skin. ¬†An option I love is Lancer The Method Polish. ¬†I was skeptical at first, because of the cost, but this product leaves your skin smoother than any other granular exfoliator I’ve tried. Exfoliators are a great option to use in the shower. ¬†Another option I like is exfoliating¬†pads, which are a perfect choice for when you wash your face in the sink. ¬†Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Peel, are single-use power packets. ¬†The pads will help cellular turnover, reduce the appearance of pores and brighten your skin. Both of these exfoliators will make your skin glow.


Toners often get overlooked in skin care because of time constraints. The fact is though that your skin needs water to be at it’s best. Wipe an alcohol-free toner over your skin after cleaning then immediately apply serum and moisturizer while your skin is damp, to seal in the hydration.¬†Erno Laszlo¬†Hydraphel Skin Supplement is an ideal choice.


Serums are my favorite skincare product! I have been using clinical grade SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF for years. This is my hero product for targeting hyperpigmentation and preventing damage from the sun, as it acts as a sunscreen also! There is science behind SkinCeuticals products! Another favorite is PCA Skin Rejuvenating Serum. This serum dissolves into your skin and will minimize signs of aging by restoring your skin’s strength with a potent epidermal growth factor.


During the winter you have dry, heated indoor air or dry, cold outdoor air. You will need alot of moisture for your skin to combat that. I started adding a few drops of an oil such as La Mar Renewal Oil to my moisturizer and daily foundation it’s made a big difference. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration is an excellent cream moisturizer choice. It is a time release formula and will give you a flawless glow!


The delicate eye area will show signs of aging first. Always treat this area with specialized products. I’ve recently discovered Cosmedix Elite Eye Doctor.¬†¬†¬†This is my go-to night treatment now that depuffs helps with dark circle and moisturized like crazy! If you try one new thing try this! During the day PCA Skin EyeXcelence is what I reach for.¬†¬†


Face Mist

OK, I’m obsessed with face mists lately! I use a couple of different kinds, several times a day. They instantly add moisture, set makeup and help shrink pores. Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Avene Thermal¬†Spring Water are two of my favorites!

Thank you for reading!! Visit my Shop Beauty page for more products I love!

I would love you to leave a comment below and share what products you love for winter!

xx Tammy

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Winter Skincare Routine


    Her Fashioned Life