7 Tips For Self-Care In MidLife

7 Tips For Self-Care In MidLife

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A regular nightly routine with Kindra | Her Fashioned Life

7 Tips For Self-Care in MidLife

Between aging, menopause, and a crazy busy schedule, I’ve learned so much about my body over the past several years. One of the most essential things in life is my health and wellness. Self-care is the key to success, and for me, that means achieving more balance in my life and taking time out of my day to do things that relax my mind and body.

The best part of my every day is my nighttime routine. I truly see the positive benefits of engaging in a before-bed routine that helps calm my mental headspace before winding down to sleep. Below I’m sharing my regular nightly routine that has helped improve my quality of sleep tremendously in hopes that it helps you as well. I encourage you to prioritize self-care to reap the benefits in your everyday life!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using various KINDRA products and have been so impressed with the difference each of them has made in my menopause journey. From a better overall mood and sleep cycle to decreased hot flashes and increased mental clarity, these products have been invaluable to ease menopause symptoms. I have a discount code for you, TAMMY20, if you want to try KINDRA products for yourself!

regular nightly routine

1. Taking time for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but nothing calms my mind more than a soothing bath before bed. There’s something about closing the door to our daily lives for some peace and quiet and slipping into a peaceful tub of warm water. Trust me; it’s a mental relaxation as well as a body.

2. Dry Brushing

There are many benefits to dry-brushing; if you haven’t started, I highly recommend starting. Before getting into the bath, I use a dry brush to help cellulite and crepe skin. When using this exfoliation method, the bath soaks you’re using will absorb into the skin better.

Kindra Soothe Bath Soak for a better quality of sleep

3. Using a bath soak

Speaking of bath soak – I use the Soothe bath soak by Kindra that is ultra-nourishing and soft on my skin. This soak is unlike any other and specifically formulated to consider the tender skin of women experiencing vaginal discomfort or shifting vaginal pH during midlife.

I add this into my bath before going to sleep since it has sleep-supporting chamomile to help calm the skin and mind. It also contains omega-rich, restorative oat kernel extract for skin healing support and hydration!

4. Scented candles

I also add scented candles for aromatherapy and relaxing crystals to my tub. I’m a big believer in the power of crystal therapy which I will detail a little bit more below.

the power of crystal therapy will add relaxation to your bath time

5. Crystal Bath Therapy

I have loved learning about the benefits of crystal bath therapy. Bathing with crystals is almost like conducting your own spa treatment! Not only does it relax the body physically, but it also soothes the mind and the soul, encouraging an even deeper relaxation.

Bathing with crystals is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed because it is such a powerful way to absorb the energy of natural stones. Combining three great conductors – water, body, and crystals – will supercharge your overall wellbeing.

The most powerful sleep-enhancing crystals are:

  • Fluorite
  • Green Calcite
  • Rose Quartz

6. Just add flowers

Adding fresh flowers to my bath tray creates an even more pleasant surrounding and aesthetic. Flowers always make me happy! I always try to pick some up when I’m grocery shopping.

Detoxifying lemon water with mint | her fashioned life

7. Detox Water

For me, I love a glass of wine to celebrate or on a date night, but I tend to sleep better when I replace the wine at home with a refreshing drink that also has detox benefits. One of my favorite (and easy) beverages instead of wine is a detox lemon water that does the trick every time!

Lemon water is not only good in the morning and throughout the day, but it also detoxes the liver and provides a great night’s rest. The only ingredients I add to my water are lemon and a little bit of mint, and that’s all it needs! Add an editable daisy if you would like.

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how to improve your quality of sleep with a regular nightly routine

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