7 Tips To Get Out The Door Faster In The Mornings

7 Tips To Get Out The Door Faster In The Mornings

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7 Tips To Get Out The Door Faster In The Mornings

Do you ever feel rushed and frustrated in the mornings trying to get out the door? Maybe you think to yourself… “if only I would have prepared last night!” I know I have a better day when my mornings are smooth, and I leave the house with everything I need for the day. However, between kids and appointments to owning a business and meetings, my days were just too busy to even think about the next one. However, lately, I’ve been putting forth more effort to be prepared ahead of time, so leaving the house the following day is a breeze.
Below I’m sharing seven tips that have truly helped me get out the door faster in the mornings!
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1. Have elevated basics you can mix and match quickly in your closet

I still get stressed about what to wear at a moment’s notice as a fashion blogger. I’ve learned over the years that choosing neutrals that mix and match or a monochrome look is an easy outfit option.
I use these formulas on rotation:
Out the door quickly- Leggings, sweater, boots
Lunch with friends- straight leg jeans t-shirt, plaid blazer, sneakers
Date night – having an LBD ready to go is a must.
Casual dinner out – Off the shoulder top, wide-leg pants, and sandals

2. Keep Your Makeup Simple

I am a makeup lover through and through—all the way from eyeliner to highlighter. However, keeping it simple is the only option when you’re in a hurry.
– My favorite foundation for great coverage is Ilia skincare
– I love a cream blush you can swipe and blend with your finger
-Mascara always!
-Pro tip: line your inside upper waterline with a waterproof liner; it’s worth the time.
-lip oil to make it shine
For a 5-minute makeup routine, check out this reel!

3. Use multi-tasking products

When you only have 10 minutes to get yourself out the door, reaching for one item that will do several things is a big timesaver. Multi-tasking beauty products are everywhere now! Lip/cheek tints, foundations with skincare, and SPF benefits. Hair texturizer that doubles up as a dry shampoo and so many more. Utilize them; they all help drastically.

4. Use the right hair tools

Thank goodness for today’s hair tools, am I right?! Invest in an iron that heats up in under 60 sec. When I’m in a time crunch, I usually focus on the front part of my hair by wrapping those pieces around a curling wand and then run my fingers through them. Adding texture spray takes no time but still looks good. Also, having a quality blow dryer is essential and cuts drying time in half without damaging your hair.

5. Prepare the night before

Preparing the night before is a biggie, and though it doesn’t always happen, if you can prepare what you need the night before, you will be ahead of the game! If you do some simple things like laying out your clothes and shoes, having your handbag ready to go, and placing your keys where they need to be, it’s helpful when you are in a rush.

6. Spruce up your hair

Sometimes, all you need to do to your 2-3 day old styled hair, is add a little bit of heat from the blow dryer, texture spay, and the right hair oil. One of my favorite ways to style my hair is with loose beach curls. I use my tapered barrel curling iron. This iron gives you chic loose curls in no time. You can watch a short video tutorial of how I curl my hair here.

7. Put your hair into a low bun

Were you having a bad hair day, toss it back into an easy low bun. You can see how I do this here – it’s so quick and perfect for casual, busy days!
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xx Tammy

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