NOW: The Best Supplements & Skincare

NOW: The Best Supplements & Skincare

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Happy September, friends! Did you know that September is Healthy Empowered Aging Month? I’ve been using NOW skincare and supplements for years and LOVE the relaxing and healing effects they have. From their skincare and protein to their essential oils and supplements, NOW is a brand I really trust in my daily routine – I love that high quality can be affordable as well!

NOW is a respected leader in the natural products industry, with a mission to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. Keep scrolling for a few of the best NOW products I have to share with you.

My day with NOW goes a little something like this…Watch HERE


My skin comes first every day! I love the dermatologist-recommended affordable skincare from NOW. I use the Vitamin C Gentle Scrub, Bakuchiol Skin Renewal Serum, Glutathione Skin Brightener, and the 2-in-1 Eye Correcting Cream.

Vitamin C Gentle Scrub: formulated to provide gentle, effective exfoliation of dead skin to help restore a more even skin tone and healthy complexion.

Bakuchiol Skin Renewal Serum: gently combats the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles. This beauty renewing formula moisturizes and refines for visibly younger-looking skin.

Glutathione Skin Brightener: helps brighten the skin’s appearance and improve elasticity and also provides intense moisture and hydration while reducing the appearance of skin pigmentation.

2-in-one Eye-Correcting Cream: formulated to naturally reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes.


Next, I make my daily morning protein shake with NOW’s pea protein powder. This has been so important for me to keep my body healthy, from my hair to muscles. Their protein powder is pure and natural, unflavored or flavored, and mixes easily into your favorite beverages – my personal favorite is mixing it into my shake each morning.


Bella absolutely loves her immune support supplement from NOW. These tablets are veterinarian recommended and designed to help support your pet’s immune system and innate resistance to pathogens and help enhance liver and kidney function! It’s a chewable tablet she always looks forward to getting and the only supplement I’ve ever gotten her to take.


I keep NOW’s ESSENTIAL OILS throughout our house and have been using these for years. I love the relaxing and healing effects to help me keep a clear mind during a busy schedule. The oils can also help with a better night’s sleep. These essential oils are everywhere around my home, from sweet and woody scented oils to herbal lavender and peaceful sleep.

Try them on wool dryer balls, in your bathwater, added to hand sanitizer, your favorite house cleaning liquid, so many ways to fill your space with beautiful and relaxing scents.

In collaboration with NOW all opinions are my own.

xx Tammy

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