7 Questions To Declutter Your Closet

7 Questions To Declutter Your Closet

7 Questions To Declutter Your Closet 1500 1000 Tammy Caciola

Edit Your Closet and Shop Smarter!!

Do you find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear!” while looking at your overstuffed closet? It’s so easy to get overwhelmed looking at a closet filled with different patterns and prints that do not mix well together. You then feel like you need to go shopping to put an outfit together. The fact is you do not need more, you need less, at least 50% less in your closet. Stop the unnecessary spending that adds more to your wardrobe, and try a closet edit instead.

Simplify your closet by tossing unworn clothes, shoes, and accessories. Imagine being able to get dressed quickly every day in clothes that you love! You will be able to put new outfits together when you can see all of your options.

After your closet detox, you can then go shopping knowing what gaps you have in your wardrobe. Learn what not to buy again from seeing what you have discarded. Notice the cuts and colors didn’t work for you. Now you can shop smart!

A closet clean-out is going to take some time, about 4 hours if that is too much to grab hold of, start with sections of your closet. You are also going to need to be brutal with your decisions. It’s not easy letting clothes!

Put some music on, open a bottle of vino and invite a friend over!

Start With A Quick Scan

Begin at one end of your closet and quickly pull each item out to look at it. Toss anything your gut says you do not want to wear again.  If you spend more than 10 seconds on a piece, hang it back up and keep moving.

Clone Clothing

Many times we will tend to buy the same items because we know the work for us. Edit out the repeat pieces and only keep the pieces you reach for the most.

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Separate Into Three Bins

Put items you have decided to clear out in one of three bins: DonateTake to TailorResale

7 Questions To Ask Yourself

Now ask yourself these questions with every item you have left in your closet.

  1. Would I buy this today if I saw it in the store? Does this reflect my style today?
  2. Does this fit perfectly right now?
  3. Have I worn this in the past two seasons? This will keep your closet on trend also.
  4. Is this a repeat item in my closet?
  5. Is it stained, worn out, or have excessive piling?
  6. Does it make me happy when I put it on? Do I feel beautiful and confident in this?
  7. Is this damaged in any way? If yes, do I love this piece enough to take it to the tailor, this week.

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Investment Pieces

This is a bit of a tough call sometimes. We love these pieces enough to pay a premium for them. However, if they are out of your rotation after two seasons and still in their pretty boxes collecting dust, you should resale them. Use sites like TheRealReal and Tradsey to cash out and buy an item you will use regularly.


Now that you have created an edited wardrobe, keep it that way by maintaining it. Closet maintenance is an ongoing process but is well worth it for sure!

  • Keep a bag in your closet so you can immediately toss the pieces out that do not pass the above questions.
  • Try to also make it a habit to remove an item each time you bring a new piece home.

Congratulate yourself for a job well done! You can now enjoy wearing your favorite pieces every day!

Below is my shoppable edit of a capsule wardrobe. These investment-worthy pieces are the backbone of your closet. You can mix in trends with these basics for an effortless look! Visit my Shop Page about Everyday Essentials for more options.

Thank you for reading! If you have any tips for editing your closet, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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  • Perfect timing! My new closet is almost done, and I have been dreading tackling my completely over stuffed, old closet! Thank you so much for the awesome tips!! XO

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Your going to need a big bottle of vino for your closet!;) You’ll love it when you done!!
      xx Tammy

    Her Fashioned Life