Day To Night With A Floral Print Dress

Day To Night With A Floral Print Dress

Day To Night With A Floral Print Dress 720 1080 Tammy Caciola


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If you have been following along with me here or on Instagram, you know that I usually gravitate toward solid pieces of clothing. Aside from stripes or stars, I do not have many prints in my wardrobe. However, when I saw this vibrant floral dress and tried it on, I had to have it! First, it fits me like a glove and is the perfect shape for summer! With the corset top, there is no bra needed. I hate wearing bras in the heat…too personal? 🙂  The fabric is also a linen blend which breathes very well in the in warm weather. I fell in love with the fun floral print and the color palette!

Styled For Night

Dooney and Bourke Blue Handbag Style

Mara Hoffman Floral Print DressHow to Style Floral Prints

I love to dress up for date night! Perfect time to pull out my favorite heels to wear. I layered on the jewelry with this look, because the dress could handle it without being overwhelmed. With my hair up, I felt like the chunky necklaces gave me a little more coverage also. The gorgeous Dooney and Bourke bag I’m carrying is the exact blue color in the dress, perfect! Finally, I kept the sunglasses fun and light pink.

Floral Dress Styling For Evening


Styled For Day

Floral Dress Styling For Daytime

This dress is super fun and easy to style for the day! You swap the heels for white sneakers, black would also work because of the black accents in the dress. Then, top it off with a casual layer such as this light linen jacket I have on. A denim piece would also be perfect with the blue accents on the dress! Style your hair a bit more casual with a braid and lighten up the jewelry. You’re ready to explore the town on your vacation!

Floral Dress Styled With Pink Denim Jacket

Mara Hoffman Dress Styled With White Sneakers

Styled For The Beach

Floral Dress Styled With Black Accessories

I changed to all black accessories for the beach or pool. The black plays off the darker accents in the fabric so well! The accessories are also organic and textured, giving a beachy feel.

Mara Hoffman Dress Styled With Black

Mara Hoffman Floral Print Dress

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