Grocery Shopping Tips When Sheltering In Place

Grocery Shopping Tips When Sheltering In Place

Grocery Shopping Tips When Sheltering In Place 1470 976 Tammy Caciola

HEB grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery Shopping Tips for Quarantine

Grocery Shopping Tips for Quarantine


Grocery Shopping Tips To Stay Safe

While the world is sheltering in place, the one thing we all will need to do is leave the house to get is food. When you do have to leave your home, I’m very sure staying safe and healthy is at the front of your thoughts.  I’ve gathered some tips and resources below to help you do just that when your grocery shopping.

Choose Your Store Wisely

You want a grocery store that has implemented the recommended COVID-19 safeguards for customers and employees. For me, that store is hands-down H-E-B here in Texas.

Texas grocery chain H-E-B revealed its stores have been preparing for COVID-19 for months. Stores and carts are deep cleaned every day, and partners are given daily training and education on elevated sanitation protocols. They are on top of social distancing, keeping people at recommended 6′.  Associates are there to help and guide you to open check out stands. Checkstand partitions are in place to offer a buffer between the cashier and the customer.

H-E-B has uniquely been able to stay stocked, manage social distancing, and even donate $3 million to help with novel coronavirus aid, thanks to a year-round, full-time emergency preparedness staff.

Today I went to the grocery store and was able to buy toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, and bottled water with no problem. The shelves were by no means full, but the was an adequate supply for the demand.

It’s all a little unsettling that we have to take these measures. I do feel at ease, knowing, and seeing all of the safety protocols in place! Now for your side of things to do.

Steps To Take At The Store

  1. Go to the grocery store right when it opens or before. You’ll find more items stocked, have to be around fewer people, and the store will be freshly sanitized!
  2. Go into the store with sanitized/washed hands or wear fresh gloves.
  3. Keep your wet sanitizer wipe with you. Most likely, there will be an option to take one when you enter the store, but just in case. Give the cart a little extra cleaning on the handle.
  4. Keep your phone in your pocket. There is no need to expose it to any germs.
  5. Since your phone is safely away, you’ll need to write out your grocery list on paper. Try to organize your list by the department—listing all the fresh foods together, dairy, frozen, and such. This way, you will spend less time in the store and won’t need to double back for forgotten items. Doing this also will save you from going down aisles you do not need to. Get in and get out as quickly as possible.
  6. At the checkout counter, if you do not have gloves on, use your knuckle instead of your fingertip. If you still have your wipe, you can cover your finger with that too.
  7. I like to bring my own bags. ( love this washable set of four) I know where they have been, and I have already sanitized them at home, and more items always fit into these larger bags than plastic or paper bags. You will have less to pack into your car and on your counter when you get home, if you use your bags.

When You Get Home

  1. Bring in the bags and set in and set them in one place on your counter.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly, change your clothes if you feel the need.
  3. Go back outside and spray your car down with disinfectant where the bags were, your steering wheel, shifter, blinker, seat-belt.
  4. Take everything out of your bags and place in one spot, sanitize your bags for your next trip.
  5. As you put items away, wipe them with sanitizer. For fruit and veggies, wash them with soap.
  6. Sanitize your counter where the food and bags where.

H-E-B COVID-19 shopping tips

Image HEB Facebook

I hope this helps and stay safe and home. We will get through this day-by-day and together!

Please share any tips you have below in the comments for us all to know about.

Partnered with H-E-B

All opinions are my own.

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