Tips To Rock A Blazer All Summer Long

Tips To Rock A Blazer All Summer Long

Tips To Rock A Blazer All Summer Long 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola

Summer Blazers

From cut-off shorts to maxi dresses and jeans, a blazer will elevate just about any outfit. You can incorporate this outfit-maker year around using the tips I have below.

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Pushing up the sleeves not only gives you a cool girl look, but it also helps with the heat of summer.  In addition, choosing a light sleeveless top to wear under is key. I have on long white denim, but a blazer over cut-off shorts is a favorite look of mine! The contrast between structured and casual pieces is perfect.

Take It Off

If you’re running around in the 100-degree heat and not in the A/C, take it off! You can carry it and still get the impact of having a chic layer.

Wear As A Cape

Wearing as a jacket over your shoulders looks so chic don’t you think? This is my favorite way to wear outerwear. BONUS…wearing a blazer like this, also helps with the heat.


Choosing the right material such as linen or a lightweight natural fabric will also give you relief during the summer.

You can see of my shoppable blazer pick’s throughout this post. Also check out The RealReal (I’ve scored Hermes for $95.00 and Dolce & Gabbana for & $75.00, Seriously!) Shopbob and Revolve for more choices!

If you haven’t read my post about buying designer pieces for less you be sure to check that!

xx – Tammy

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