Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion

Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion

Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion 2048 1365 Tammy Caciola

Your guide to resale fashion Balmain top Silk kimono jacket Silk kimono jacket Silk kimono jacket

Designer Resale

I am, much to my husband’s chagrin, a self-proclaimed shopping addict. I just love beautiful clothes and shoes! If you are like me,  and love designer pieces, there is no better way to purchase at a substantial discount than at The RealReal. I have been shopping resale this online site for a couple of years now and I’m obsessed with it! If you’re not familiar with The RealReal,  it’s time to do yourself a favor and check out what they have to offer!

The site can, however, be overwhelming with the massive amount of inventory they have. I’ve gotten alot of questions about how to navigate the site and wanted to share my tips to help you get the items you love for 70% off without wasting your time shopping around in circles.

1. Know Your Size

When your out shopping, go ahead and try on the Gucci shoes and Burberry trench that you LOVE….but cannot justify paying the high price of. Because you might find that exact piece for 70% off and you will want to be able to click buy now with confidence and a big smile, knowing you just scored a fantastic deal!

2. Start Obsessing

Use the hearts next to the items to bookmark them to your Obsessions tab. You can keep track of items your watching this way. If they go on sale that will be reflected there. Highly coveted items will go very quickly so don’t wait long if you know you want it. I am still bummed about missing out on a gorgeous Chloe denim long coat by waiting.

3. Use The 20% Discount Code

There will be a 20% off code at the top of the screen in red! Use that code when you check out. It will apply to pretty much everything except Chanel Bags and a couple of other high-end brands.

4. Search Tool

Searching for the exact item you’re looking for is easy. Click on the magnifying tool in the top right corner and just type in what you want.. for example –Maxmara Coat. Then choose “refine” to select your size, color and such. When the results pop up, you can push save and that search will go into your feed.

5. Customize “Your Feed”

There is a feature only on their app called a feed. This is my go-to for shopping on the site! Starting your personalized feed is easy. use their search tool. (See above) When I go to the sight I mainly just scroll my feed for items I’m on the lookout for. Your feed can be more general also, like Frame tops in size XS, or you can also specify a color. It’s super easy and addicting!

The good pieces sell FAST and this lets you see them right away!

6. Wait List

So you search for your perfect shoe or bag and it’s sold out! Click “add to the wait list” to be notified if the item comes back in stock. Also, if you have an item on your obsessions that just sold, add it to your wait list and you will be notified if it gets returned!

7. Returns

Be sure to click on the Returns Policy tab, next to the details, on every item you purchase! It will be different if the item is more than 20% off. Most Chanel is non-returnable! ALWAYS check this so you don’t get caught with something that doesn’t fit or you end up not liking. You also have to pay the return shipping, however, you do get access to a convenient printable label.

8. Authentic Guaranty

Buy with confidence because The RealReal has a team of experts that authenticates every item and gives you a 100% guarantee or your money back.

Hope this guide inspires you to score some designer goods for your closet! I’d love to hear if you have bought resale fashion before and what your experience was in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

xx- Tammy

Photography by Cathy Sunu


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