5 Effective Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout

5 Effective Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout

5 Effective Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

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Motivating Fitness

We all know we should eat well and workout. Living this way will benefit our mind, body, and soul in so many ways! Better sleep, mood, weight, disease prevention, the list goes on and on! So why is it such a challenge? There are many excuses why we cannot get to the gym. I’m going to share what works for me, as I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week for about 7 years!

I can totally see a difference in my mood, sleep, and energy when I do not workout. This happens when I’m on vacation (I rarely work-out on vacation) or if I’m sick, (which hasn’t really happened since I dropped gluten and dairy from my diet but that’s another post 🙂 Knowing this is very motivating to me, when I notice a physical and metal change from not getting my booty to the gym!

So here is what works for me:

1. Make it a Priority

Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorties.

Every morning I workout, period. I drop my kid at school and go straight there. It’s what I do, it’s priority in my life. I do not schedule an appointment at this time, I do not take meetings, this is my time to workout. Find a time of day that works for you and make it a priority not to miss. You might have to be more fluid with your workouts if you have different work schedules but hopefully, you can get your workout ritual in place!

2. Commit Yourself

I find if I make an appointment with a trainer or book a class it motivates me to keep that time for sure! Over time you also get to know the regulars that attend and teachers. They can and do naturally become somewhat of a support group. I find I work harder in a group setting also. Because if she can hold that plank, so can I!

You could join a tennis team or another sport if that’s your thing! You can also make a verbal commitment to your bestie or kiddos! They will keep you in check!

3. Mix It Up

It’s human nature to get bored doing the same thing over and over and over! Mixing up your workouts is not only better for your body, it will help keep you mentally excited to go! For me, pilates, mega-reformer, OrangeTheary, Barre 3, spin and circuit training at the gym, are my weekly go-to’s. I mix them up every week and sometimes double up classes if I miss a day. However, I’ve taken kickboxing, gone for a hike, and done various other activities. I’ll try anything once! Change is good when you’re in it for the long term.

4. Workout Gear

It’s very motivating for me to shop for cute workout clothes! It makes getting dressed in the morning easier too! With athleisure becoming mainstream you can switch up your sneakers and accessories and transition the pieces into your daily outfits also! I’m wearing pieces from the line Outdoor Voices. My favorite pieces of their’s are the crazy soft t-shirts and this hoodie I have on! It’s probably the softest thing I own! I also shop quite a bit at Lululemon. These soft leggings are my go-to for most everything!

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5. Attitude

Think about that “I feel freaking amazing” feeling you get after a great work out. That is the endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, being released into your brain. Try to train your brain to sense that and you will hopefully start to relate working out to that feeling you’re going to get! You will be building your confidence and keeping yourself healthy as much as building your strength! Get excited about that!

It can be a struggle to make it happen sometimes when work, school, family, and health get in the way.  When they do, don’t sweat it, just start again with next opportunity you have! Just don’t stop trying to commit to a workout ritual.

Make the decision to have fitness be apart of your life.



Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments below what your go-to fitness activity is!

xx Tammy

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