6 Reasons To Start Pilates Now

6 Reasons To Start Pilates Now

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Pilates Is A Game Changer

I didn’t start working out regularly until my 30’s. Back then, workout choices were mainly weights and cardio at a gym, or silver sneakers classes lol! Luckily, now we have endless fitness class options.  When I was introduced to Pilates, I was hooked from the start! I love that Pilates is a whole body workout that tones arms, legs, booty, and core!

Pilates is also perfect for all fitness levels, from serious athletes to fitness novices. Pilates is done on specialized equipment, however, equipment is not required. You can also get amazing results from floor exercises you can do pretty much anywhere!

I’m super excited to have a Q & A with my first Pilates instructor, Liza Ebner owner of Elite Core at the end of this post! She is a certified and published workout instructor and has been teaching for 13 years. Liza practices more of an “athletic style” of Pilates. Scroll down as she explains what that is below!

Pilates Equipment at Elite CoreHere are 6 reasons why I love it and you will too!

  1. Versatility – Changing up your workout regularly to take your muscles out of their comfort zone is a must for your body. Otherwise, you will plateau and change will not continue to happen. The variations on each piece of equipment are endless, as a result, you will never bored and always be challenged!
  2. At Any Age – Pilates is a completely custom workout you can start at any stage in life. Your fitness level isn’t a barrier either. There are springs that you adjust on or off for your custom resistance level. The movements can also be customized. Because of this, if you have a minor injury, you will still benefit from going! Actually, rehab for many injuries can be much faster when practicing Pilates! I tore my MCL snow skiing and was able to come back to Pilates 2 weeks later with modified exercises, and a brace. The targeted exercises helped me stay flexible, and keep the muscles around the injury strong.
  3. Core Strength & Toning – I don’t know about you, but when my abs are flat and toned my whole body looks and feels better! Nothing has ever given me flatter abs than practicing Pilates. My whole body is more toned, lean and strong!
  4. Low Impact – The movements in Pilates are slow, controlled, and in a safe setting. This puts minimal impact on your joints. In addition, the equipment is padded for your comfort.
  5. Flexibility – I’m horrible at taking the time to stretch! However, when I take a Pilates class stretching is incorporated into some of the movements. Then at the end of class, a stretch session on the reformer or cadillac is like heaven, it’s so good! Muscle soreness is also much less because you are stretching throughout the class!
  6. Better Sports Performance – All of your muscles are connected to your core. Strengthening and lengthening your muscles will greatly improve performance in your sport of choice. A qualified teacher can customize your workouts to strengthen your body exactly where you need. Liza from Elite Core Pilates, works with many people in sports, from pro football players to high school baseball players. They know how important a strong core is!

Elite Core Pilates

Liza has a BS in Kinesiology and MS studies in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Sports Nutrition.  She has been personally training in Pilates for 13 years and began teaching 8 years ago, before opening Elite Core in Feb 2016.  Her method of teaching is contemporary with an athletic functional base, with experience training clients from teenage to professional athletes, pre and postnatal moms, fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking for the perfect combination workout of strength and flexibility.  Her workouts have been featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter, published in Men’s Health and highlighted in Sports Illustrated.

Q and A with Liza

Tell about your Athletic Based Method of Pilates.

Elite Core is an Athletic Pilates training studio. My training methods are based on the development of the intrinsic musculature, primarily of the core and back, to support gains in posture, balance, flexibility, stability, and power athletic movements through range of motion, plyometric and cardiovascular enhanced exercises.

What types of classes do you have?

My studio classes feature training on the reformer, chair, cadillac and Pilates spring-board, with combination classes featuring TRX, rebounding, rowing, gliders, weighted body bars, hand and leg weights, stability ball exercises, Pilates boxes, pull up bars and cardio circuit training.  All of my classes feature total body movements and will include an element of cardiovascular work.
I believe in building your strength and flexibility in dynamic and challenging ways. All new clients start in private sessions. This is so can appropriately assess their fitness level and any potential limitations or injuries.

If someone has an injury or limitation are they able to take classes?

Yes. A client with an injury or limitation is cleared through private sessions. They are then able to join group classes. I can make modifications as necessary.

What are some of the most noticeable effects your clients are excited to tell you about after starting a program?

I think the biggest and most common noticeable effect clients feel is the ability to move more efficiently and with purpose.  I have had several clients express feeling more control in their core and balance in sporting activities.  Pilates is an excellent addition to training programs for athletes.   I have had great success with my training of athletes from middle and high school to college and professional athletes.

What type of training do you customize for athletic clients that are playing sports?

My goal with athletic clients is to find areas of their musculature that may be weak or under-active. We then focus our training on strengthening those areas so they can be more effective in their movement.  Typically, athletes use their larger muscle groups during their sport and neglect training the smaller, intrinsic muscles.  When I get them to connect to those smaller muscles, they gain more control over their large muscles, leading to better functional movement in their sport.

How often do you suggest clients take classes to see results?

I recommend 3 times per week when first starting to see faster results.  I have several clients who train 5 days per week, which is ideal for gaining flexibility and strength in a shorter time frame.  For that reason, my workouts are different every day. This avoids getting bored with the classes.  I also spend a large amount of time creating new movements, adding new pieces of equipment or adjusting a traditional Pilates exercise to fit my Elite Core method.

To quote Joseph Pilates himself,  “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”  The change in your body will happen through repetition and more specifically, repetition over a short period of time.

Is Pilates for a pregnant mom to be or new mom?

Yes!  I trained myself (and other clients) throughout my entire pregnancy and have trained several prenatal and postnatal moms.  Pilates is one of the safest and most effective ways to prepare for the birth of your baby.  Building up core strength surrounding the baby (think obliques, upper and mid back), focusing on the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labor and postnatal recovery, maintaining flexibility and strength in the hips and legs, working on upper body strength (that baby and car seat and diaper bag are a lot to handle!) are all so important to focus on to make sure you have a safe and eas(ier) delivery, as well as a faster recovery postnatal.  I love training my mommies throughout their pregnancy and then having their new babies in the studio to snuggle on.


Thank you for reading! If you have trouble staying motivated to workout, check out this post to help keep you on track with your workouts.

What do you think about Pilates? Leave a comment below!

xx – Tammy

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