Personalize Your Vitamins With Persona

Personalize Your Vitamins With Persona

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Persona Vitamins ReviewPersona Vitamins

I am no stranger to vitamins and supplements by any means. In fact, I have been taking around 15-20 pills every day with my morning vegan protein shake for over ten years. However, I don’t look to vitamins for replacement of good clean eating, I do that as well, but sometimes diet alone might be inadequate for what my body needs.

When Persona reached out about trying their personalized vitamin packs, I was intrigued. The convenience alone of individual prepacked vitamins sounded terrific! Then I looked at what types of vitamins I was currently taking. Most of my supplements and herbs were aimed at balancing hormones, fighting inflammation, building collagen, strengthing adrenals, thyroid and gut health.  I was targeting my problem areas but not taking a multi-vitamin, calcium or other essential vitamins my body needed! There were big holes in my system.

Persona Vitamins Review What To Expect

I decided to take Persona’s on-line questioner. It starts with the basic questions like your age but moves onto, how much I exercise, what my diet is like (gluten/dairy free) if I have any allergies, what medications I ‘m currently taking and so on. Persona then sent me my personalized vitamin plan including day/night packets. Also included are customized cards explaining what each pill is and what to expect from taking it.

The personalized online dashboard that gives me access to my monthly shipments is such a great feature! I love being able to see what vitamins I’m taking and add to my next pack as needed without having to call. There is also, of course, an app for that as well.

Persona has a wide variety of supplements, herbs, and vitamins that are all individually explained for you on their web site. I started with the basic pack the first month and then added on a couple of other vitamins for month two. Including hair supplements and CoQ10.

I feel at ease knowing if I ever have any questions about my supplements,  I can easily talk to a member of the company’s nutritionist team.

  • Personalized daily packs
  • Delivered to your door
  • Nutritionists on call to answer questions
  • No artificial colors.
  • No animal testing
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • No chemical-based fillers.
  • No artificial colors.
  • Researched and approved but their medical board

Purity-Transparency-Tested Bioavailability

Persona Vitamins ReviewCost

The cost is actually much lower than if you were to buy these high-quality vitamins separately. So are they cutting costs by using cheap, ineffective pills? Not at all!

  • Product selection and formulation is based on research data to support specific health conditions
  • All products adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Highest bioavailable form of ingredients
  • Products are tested for ingredients, purity, and quality at the time of manufacturing

My Results

When I started taking this new vitamin regimen, I didn’t think much would change. I already was taking a ton of vitamins, eating well and exercising; I must be feeling the best I can right? Nope, I was wrong! Now I have more energy, my hair has stopped falling out, and my hormones are feeling much more balanced.  Mood swings are not as noticeable, and I’m spending less money than I was before! I’m a Persona fan for sure!

What To Try?

If you would like to start the assessment questionnaire and try this program yourself, you can use this link for 30% off your first two months.

The Greatest Wealth Is Health

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xx Tammy

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