5 Things To Start Now To Have a Successful 2022

5 Things To Start Now To Have a Successful 2022

5 Things To Start Now To Have a Successful 2022 2560 1920 Tammy Caciola



With a new year comes new opportunities and goals, and who doesn’t love a fresh start? I personally want to challenge myself this year to become more successful and intentional. Each year, I create a vision board to envision what I want to accomplish.  When I look back at my previous year’s boards, it is mindblowing to see things come to fruition that I had on my board!  Vision boards are a gamechanger and can be created on paper or put together in a digital form to help you manifest your goals. Keep scrolling to see what I’m doing now for the new year, as well as tips on how to have a successful 2022.


First and foremost, reflect on the last year – the good and the bad. Ask yourself what you would like to continue doing and what you want to change. For many of us, 2021 was a very challenging year with lots of twists and turns, so that it may be uncomfortable reminiscing; however, it’s necessary! I encourage you to self-assess and to take time to think about how you would like to grow in 2022.


Doing self-reflection means taking time to focus on your inward self in order to answer important questions about your life. Self-assessments help you better understand yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your core values. Understanding your purpose and potential will help you become more successful in 2022.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not a New Year resolution girl. This year, I’m focusing more on intentionality and tangible goals rather than unattainable resolutions. I want the goals I set for myself to be specific and reachable. If you’ve never heard of SMART goals, it’s a great method that’s backed by research to help you reach your goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound – this is what I will be focusing on to make my goals seem less overwhelming!


Putting yourself before all else does not mean you’re a selfish person. In fact, it means you’re focusing on your own self-care in order to be better for others. While having a goal-setting mindset is a great mental state to be in, sometimes it’s easy to go overboard. It’s so important to set time for yourself, whatever that looks like. You will feel more motivated to actually work toward the goals you’ve set for yourself! I’m trying to get better at this as well.


Maybe you went on a 30-minute walk before or after work… maybe you lost a pound last week… maybe you replaced your go-to dessert after dinner with an apple. The small wins eventually add up to large victories that you’re working so hard to achieve. It’s important to go easy on yourself. Any win is worth celebrating – small wins will always lead to bigger wins and better habits.

xx Tammy

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