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denim dress

My Denim Dress Obsession

My Denim Dress Obsession 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Denim Year Around

I love to wear denim year around! Seriously every time I go shopping I’m bound to bring home some type of denim! From dark jeans in the winter to destroyed boyfriend jeans and skirts or shorts in the summer. Then there are jean jackets which are always hard to pass up! A denim dress completely has me at hello though! I have multiple but… I can still find somewhat of a reasonable reason why I need another! I wear them all spring and summer. Actually, I have worn one so much it now has holes, which I kinda don’t mind because I do not want to give up the dress!

Fitted Denim Dress Styling

Elevated Look – There are so many shades and cuts of a denim dress. I like a darker fabric with a fitted fit for a little more of a dressier feel, add heels and a clutch to complete your look.  As you can see in the pictures here, I have styled two different fitted dresses. One by adding color in the bag and rainbow heels. The other by adding a floral printed topper and a leopard heel. I felt comfortable in the daytime with these accessories, but you could scale back to flat sandals, (See sandal post here), in the day and save the heels for date night.


Denim Dress Obsession

Sheath Dress Styling

Casual Style – I love a sheath dress for a casual everyday outfit! Especially in the hot Texas summers! Like I said I’ve worn mine so much it has holes! Just add some neutral slides or for a preppy look, an oxford shoe is a favorite of mine! Old school or luxe sneakers are always a good choice too for daytime errands! If you wear your bag as a crossbody, it will give the dress a little more definition. Belting at the waist is a great option for doing that also.

Denim Overall Styling

There are also overall dresses which are sooo cute with a simple t-shirt or bodysuit under! Wear them with your favorite sneakers for a casual look. Dress it up a bit with a light fabric blouse under and an espadrille wedge shoe.  Off the shoulder tops are also a great choice under overalls!

Denim Romper Styling

Denim rompers have caught my eye since Alexa Chung designed hers with AG denim! (Her latest is here.)These can be simply a one and done piece or layer a light moto jacket over it for an edgy look. Kimonos also look great styled with a romper.

What is your denim obsession you have too much of in your closet?

I hope that gives you styling choices to try a piece you might not have in your wardrobe! Please let me know if you need any other options!

Thanks so much for reading,

xx – Tammy

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timeless sandals

Timeless Spring Sandals To Buy Now

Timeless Spring Sandals To Buy Now 1616 1080 Tammy Caciola

timeless sandals

Spring Sandals

Spring SandalsSpring has finally arrived with its warm days. I’m so excited to bring out some of my favorite sandals that I’ve had for years to wear with lighter spring/summer outfits. Yes, I said years! You know I love trendy shoes as much as any girl, as you can see in this post. However, having some timeless sandals in your rotation is a must. You can reach for them to pair with pretty much any outfit!

When shopping for a timeless shoe, look for clean lines and classic colors.

Under $125.00

There are plenty of affordable options in this price range for spring sandals. You can then focus your spending on other things such as your summer vacation instead!

$195.00 to $245.00

The leathers will be authentic and soft in this price range. You should get a longer life out of them with the quality of craftsmanship.

$480.00 to $620.00

When you look at luxe sandals, it will be a whole different level of materials and quality. You also will get the pretty packaging with the box and shoe bags, it’s a whole experience! I bought my Hermès Oran sandals two years ago. They have been heavily worn but are still in perfect condition and I plan on wearing them for years to come. However, it’s kinda crazy but these sandals sell out quickly, in June there will be few sizes left if they are in stock at all! So if your thinking about a pair see if your size is in stock now.

Thanks so much for reading!

Do you have a pair of sandals that you have been reaching for threw the years?

xx Tammy

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How to Look Chic Wearing Multiple Trends - Her Fashioned Life

How To Look Chic Wearing Multiple Trends

How To Look Chic Wearing Multiple Trends 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

 fashion trends,

Fashion Trend Combining

If you have been following my blog or Instagram you know I tend to stick to the classic side of fashion. However, I love to mix in trends to update my look! The new fashion trends are always fresh and exciting!  I can’t help but add a couple of lust-worthy pieces to my closet each season!

Just remember, the key to looking chic and not looking like a “fashion victim” is to balance your entire look. With the outfit I have on here, even though everything I have on is a trend, it doesn’t look overdone. The utility jumpsuit has been trending for years and has made its way back to the streets for Spring 2018. The rainbow trend was getting big last year, however, this year it’s proving to be much bigger, and belt bags also peeked out last year but are currently the bag to have! The Prada belt bag I have is also a crossbody with a gorgeous chain! Love that you can wear it crossbody or as a belt bag! I’m obsessed and reach for it all the time!

Styling Multiple Trends In One Outfit

Pick the hero piece of the outfit

To get a chic but trendy look, let one item shine. Build the rest of your outfit around that one piece. For my outfit here it’s all about the rainbow heels. The other items are also trendy but in neutral colors and do not attract too much attention away from the pop of color the heels have.

Choose A Color Palette

Don’t go wild with multiple colors. Keep it to three colors maximum for a chic look. If you can also streamline your bag and shoes, this will gound your look and pull it together. So if you have a gorgeous white dress with red polka dots you want to wear. Maybe go with trendy red or white heels and the same color round bag. Polish the look off with plastic cat-eye sunnies and a red lip! Whatever the accessory color you choose, you just want the polka dot dress to be the hero.

Wear The Outfit Well

When you go out of your comfort zone, but love what you are wearing it will show in your body language and face when you step out the door! You can mix 3 different patterns, colors and textures and still shine in that fabulous outfit if you have the confidence and attitude to back it up!  If you’re unsure about your choices, take baby steps with trends until you feel more at ease to step it up a notch.

What is your favorite trend of 2018?


xx Tammy

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Vince Slip dress with Staud Bucket Bag

4 Styling Ideas For Your Essential White Button Down Top

4 Styling Ideas For Your Essential White Button Down Top 1175 1080 Tammy Caciola

Vince Slip dress with Staud Bucket Bag

essential top

Vince Slip Dress With Staud Bucket Purse


Essential Top

Your wardrobe most likely has a mixture of trendy items and closet staples that stay chic and never go out of style. One piece you can always count on being an essential piece is a white button-down shirt. I’m sure you probably have one hanging in your closet now! You might even be like me and have a couple of different styles. My favorite by far is from Frank & Eileen. The weight is perfect for layering in the hot of summer and the v-neck hits just right for a sexy look. I just machine wash on delicate and hang dry to keep that crisp white look!

Styling Options

  1. Bathing Suit Cover-Up ~ There is something sexy about a menswear top covering up a bathing suit. Simple and forever chic as seen here. A fun idea is to custom embroider your name or nickname on the upper back portion or front pocket of the shirt! Super cute beach pic’s if a friend or two also do it!
  2. Layer Over Slip Dress ~ As I’ve done in this post, I’ve left the front unbuttoned and tied a knot to close it.  Perfect for spring weather when it’s still a bit chilly out!
  3. All White Outfit ~ Pair a silk version with white slacks, add a blazer and an elegant heel or flat! A white cotton piece would also look perfect with white denim!
  4. Layer Under Dresses, Overalls, and Jumpsuits ~ This is one of my favorite ways to give an outfit an unexpected look! Wear the top under a strapless jumpsuit, seen here, with heels for an elevated look. Overalls and flight suits are all the rage this spring. How cute to layer this piece under a sleeveless version. Just play around with different textures and proportions until you nail it!

Outfit Details


Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below about what you love to style your white button down with!

xx Tammy

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Black and White Outfit With Stripes by Her Fashioned Life

Black and White Outfit with Stripes

Black and White Outfit with Stripes 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Black and White Blouse with Stripes, Chanel Black and White Bag, Distressed Denim and Black Coat Style by Her Fashioned Life

Black and White Outfit with Stripes by Her Fashioned Life

Black and White Outfit

A black and white outfit is so easy to quickly put together but always looks chic and never overdone! Especially when you add some stripes to the mix! Here I also added a simple heel with a fun leopard print for more interest.

If you mix textures of the colors you will also get an elevated, but casual outfit. Say a black fur coat with a white cotton tee-shirt and black straight leg, cropped pants with white booties! Adding a statement belt to the look, like the cult favorite Gucci Belt, would be just the right accessory. Love it! Just have fun and play around with different fabrics and cuts!

Another great option is a black gingham print with a black sweater and a bright shoe! Seen here on my Instagram.

Side note: I bought the Burberry Satin Trench I’m wearing here from TheRealReal! I think I paid $220.00 instead of over $2,000.00! Learn how to shop the site with my guide here and grab some amazing designer goods!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what your fave black and white look is in the comments below!

xx Tammy

Outfit Details

Photography by: Cotroneo Photography

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Work out outfit by Outdoor Voices - Her Fashioned Life

5 Effective Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout

5 Effective Ways That Will Motivate You To Workout 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

workout motivation

Work Out Outfit by Outdoor Voices, Dove & Ash Warmup Leggings, Grey Hoodie - Her Fashioned Life

Outdoor Voices Athene Top and Tri-Tone Leggings in Dove & Ash - Her Fashioned Life

Outdoor Voices Crop Top and Leggings, Grey Hoodies, Nike Sneakers - Work Out Style by Her Fashioned Life

Leggins // Tank // Crop Bra // Hoodie // Sneakers

Motivating Fitness

We all know we should eat well and workout. Living this way will benefit our mind, body, and soul in so many ways! Better sleep, mood, weight, disease prevention, the list goes on and on! So why is it such a challenge? There are many excuses why we cannot get to the gym. I’m going to share what works for me, as I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week for about 7 years!

I can totally see a difference in my mood, sleep, and energy when I do not workout. This happens when I’m on vacation (I rarely work-out on vacation) or if I’m sick, (which hasn’t really happened since I dropped gluten and dairy from my diet but that’s another post 🙂 Knowing this is very motivating to me, when I notice a physical and metal change from not getting my booty to the gym!

So here is what works for me:

1. Make it a Priority

Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorties.

Every morning I workout, period. I drop my kid at school and go straight there. It’s what I do, it’s priority in my life. I do not schedule an appointment at this time, I do not take meetings, this is my time to workout. Find a time of day that works for you and make it a priority not to miss. You might have to be more fluid with your workouts if you have different work schedules but hopefully, you can get your workout ritual in place!

2. Commit Yourself

I find if I make an appointment with a trainer or book a class it motivates me to keep that time for sure! Over time you also get to know the regulars that attend and teachers. They can and do naturally become somewhat of a support group. I find I work harder in a group setting also. Because if she can hold that plank, so can I!

You could join a tennis team or another sport if that’s your thing! You can also make a verbal commitment to your bestie or kiddos! They will keep you in check!

3. Mix It Up

It’s human nature to get bored doing the same thing over and over and over! Mixing up your workouts is not only better for your body, it will help keep you mentally excited to go! For me, pilates, mega-reformer, OrangeTheary, Barre 3, spin and circuit training at the gym, are my weekly go-to’s. I mix them up every week and sometimes double up classes if I miss a day. However, I’ve taken kickboxing, gone for a hike, and done various other activities. I’ll try anything once! Change is good when you’re in it for the long term.

4. Workout Gear

It’s very motivating for me to shop for cute workout clothes! It makes getting dressed in the morning easier too! With athleisure becoming mainstream you can switch up your sneakers and accessories and transition the pieces into your daily outfits also! I’m wearing pieces from the line Outdoor Voices. My favorite pieces of their’s are the crazy soft t-shirts and this hoodie I have on! It’s probably the softest thing I own! I also shop quite a bit at Lululemon. These soft leggings are my go-to for most everything!

Post Run Close Up - Outdoor Voices Apparel - Work Out Motivation by Her Fashioned Life


5. Attitude

Think about that “I feel freaking amazing” feeling you get after a great work out. That is the endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, being released into your brain. Try to train your brain to sense that and you will hopefully start to relate working out to that feeling you’re going to get! You will be building your confidence and keeping yourself healthy as much as building your strength! Get excited about that!

It can be a struggle to make it happen sometimes when work, school, family, and health get in the way.  When they do, don’t sweat it, just start again with next opportunity you have! Just don’t stop trying to commit to a workout ritual.

Make the decision to have fitness be apart of your life.



Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments below what your go-to fitness activity is!

xx Tammy

Photography: Cotroneo Photography


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Rag & Bone Camel Coat, Black Turtleneck Sweater, Black Denim, Black Sock Booties, Louis Vuitton Bag - Her Fashioned Life

One Essential Piece You Will Have Forever

One Essential Piece You Will Have Forever 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Rag & Bone Camel Coat styled with Black Sweater, Denim, Louis Vuitton Bag & Sock Booties - Her Fashioned Life


Rag & Bone Camel Coat, Gucci Belt, Louis Vuitton Bag - Style by Her Fashioned Life

Fall style by Her Fashioned Life - Long Rag & Bone Camel Coat and All Black


Coat // Turtleneck // Jeans // Sock Booties // Belt // Sunglasses ($60.00) // Bag

Camel Coat

I get excited about fresh trends in fashion but I know they will come and go, so I do not usually invest in these pieces. However, a camel coat is a piece you can count on being chic and in style year after year!  You will be pairing it with pretty much any outfit from jeans and skirts to shorts and dresses!

You can and should invest in a camel coat!

I actually didn’t add this piece to my closet until a couple of years ago! Not sure why I waiting so long but don’t make the same mistake as me!  I so wish I would have added this classic silhouette years ago because I now wear it so much! I started with a shorter lightweight coat and then this year I added this gorgeous Rag & Bone. It’s long and has a heavier weight. I love how it’s tapered at the waist and only has one button down the front for a clean elegant look.

Now is the perfect time to buy a coat if you need one because you can get a better coat for the money since alot of the coats are on huge markdowns with the end of the season! You can also shop resale sites for high-end designer coats at huge discounts! Read my post Your Guide To Buying Designer Resale Fashion to learn how to easily find what you’re looking for!

Have you invested in a camel coat yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

xx Tammy


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Valentine's Day Style in Pink Coat, Pink Sweater, TopShop Denim Skirt, Gucci Bag and Pink Adidas Sneakers - Her Fashioned Life

Make Valentine’s Day Extraordinary By Spending Less

Make Valentine’s Day Extraordinary By Spending Less 864 1080 Tammy Caciola

Pink Coat, Pink Sweater, Denim Skirt, Gucci Bag - Valentine's Day Style by Her Fashioned Life

Pink Coat, Pink Sweater, Denim Skirt, Gucci Bag and Pink Adidas Sneakers - Valentine's Day Style | Her Styled View

Pink Coat, Pink Sweater, Denim Skirt, Gucci Bag - Valentine's Day Style | Her Fashioned Life

Top Shop Denim Skirt and Pink Sweater - Valentine's Day Style by Her Fashioned Life

Denim Skirt // Pink Sweater – Simular // Pink Coat – Similar & here // Gucci BagSimilar Belt Bag // Sneakers

Valentine’s Day

The first big retail holiday of the year is almost here, Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship you are more than likely going to be celebrating V-Day in one way or another. Although you may feel pressured to spend extravagantly on a gift or night out, that’s not the only way to show the one you love you care.

However, believe me, when I say cheap is not in my vocabulary, that is not what I’m saying to do. It’s just that gifts with more thought and meaning behind them tend to make more of a long-term impact on your significant other, I know they do on me!

I’ve celebrated 18 wonderful Valentine’s Day’s with my husband. One of the most heartwarming was the first one we spent together. We were not yet married, and just starting to build a new company together, so we did not have alot of extra to cash to spare. He hand-delivered 3 roses to my office with a handwritten card with words that melted my heart! I was so touched he took the time and thought to do that during a very busy time of our lives!

He has bought me many roses since then, but those first three were the most special for sure!

Below are some romantic ideas that will keep your budget in line and hearts warm


Plan a daytime activity. Go for a hike or walk together, shopping and lunch with wine. If you have an ice skating rink close get your cute outfit and fuzzy mittens on and go! Think about what he likes to do in his free time and if that seems like a good activity to share in, plan everything to make it extra special. You could have something customized, like hot coco mugs or yeti cups. Whatever you do the most important thing is to unplug and be present with him. Give this special time you have together your full attention.


You can plan a special dinner at home, including all of his favorites, light the candles, uncork the wine and dress the table with flowers. I love to buy bulk flowers at Costco and spread them all around the house in vases. Maybe you don’t want to cook a full dinner, just bake special cookies and bring them to him during the day with a special note! Include a homemade gift certificate for something….he can use later 😉

The main thing is to get creative and think outside the box. Plan and do something special that you both will have the memory of for years to come!

Embrace the less is more this Valentine’s Day and leave your credit card in your wallet!

Let me know in the comments below what your Valentine’s Day plans are!

Thank you for reading.

xx Tammy

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Her Fashioned Life Hoodie

How To Style A Hoodie 8 Different Ways

How To Style A Hoodie 8 Different Ways 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Hoodie Style by Her Fashioned Life


Black Hoodie Styled with Plaid Jacket - Her Fashioned Life

Proenza Hoodie styled with plaid jacket and yellow clutch - Her Fashioned Life


The Essential Hoodie

If you are wondering how to layer a hoodie then your on the right track girl! The hoodie has gone mainstream thanks to the street style stars and celebrities wearing it non-stop! I think every girl needs at least one hoodie in their closet! It is such a versatile piece that it can be worn throughout the year.

Style Options

I’m here to share some easy style tips on how you can start layering a hoodie like a pro and work it into your everyday life!

  • Sporty –  Try a hoodie sweatshirt with a knitted beanie, black denim or leggings, and sneakers. You can also layer the hoodie under a bomber or varsity jacket. I love all-black clothing with a contrasting light grey jacket!
  • Grunge – Start with a graphic t-shirt, add your zip-up hoodie, destroyed denim and then top it all with a long wool coat. For shoes, you can go with a vintage sneaker or my new favorite combat boot.
  • Girlish – Style a black hoodie over a black and white printed short skirt, sneakers and a bright bag or clutch.
  • Masculine – Wear it layered under a trench with skinny jeans and vintage sneakers. I did this above with the plaid trench and added white boots to elevate the look! A bright bag will add interest to the outfit!
  • Contrast – Pairing it with a pencil skirt that is also lace is super cute! Another contrasting look would be a satin pleated maxi skirt. However, make sure to go with a high waisted skirt and a cropped version hoodie for the proportions to work.
  • Casual – This is a favorite look of mine! I love a light colored hoodie with a light denim jacket, don’t forget to push up the sleeves. Then go black or grey denim with black or white sneakers!
  • Chic – All black everything! Just play with proportions and textures of leather, denim, cotton and uber chic fur! For shoes choose a pointed toe boot or thigh-high boots with heels!
  • Athletic – Run around town in your yoga pants, hoodie with a puffer vest or nylon sporty jacket layered over and athletic shoes.

I love that the hoodie has a bit of a boyish feel. If you love this tomboy look don’t miss my post here, 4 Menswear Pieces To Add To A Girls Closet.

Outfit Details


Plaid Trench

White Boots



Thanks so much for reading! Have you been layering hoodie’s in your daily outfits or excited to start?! Hope I gave you some inspiration to start if you haven’t already!

Photography by Cotroneo Photography

xx- Tammy

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Chanel bag with Menswear plaid jacket style - Her Fashioned Life

4 Menswear Pieces For A Girl’s Closet

4 Menswear Pieces For A Girl’s Closet 1280 853 Tammy Caciola

Chanel bag with Menswear plaid jacket style - Her Fashioned Life

Plaid Menswear Blazer with Vintage Levi's tshirt and Chanel bag - Her Fashioned Life

Menswear For The Girls

There’s a reason menswear staples have withstood the test of time. With the classic silhouettes and fabrics, to the functional detailing, they’re designed to be lived in. Trends come and go, but we will be styling menswear-inspired pieces year after year.

I love how these pieces give you a comfort meets style feel with the clean, tailored lines. Not to mention this style has a very sexy look! You can look to Katharine Hepburn and Kate Moss for inspiration, both were pros of styling a masculine look with a twist.

It’s all about the contrast and proportions of your outfit.  Mixing in feminine pieces will balance the look and separate you from the boys, even if it’s just wearing a red lip, or showing more skin by styling a camisole under a blazer.



Truth be told, I’ve never met a jacket I didn’t like! I especially love a good trench coat, bomber jacket, blazer or moto jacket! All of which are basically menswear. Whichever style you love, when you wear it with contrasting feminine pieces (See here in the post Styling A Slip Dress With Edge) will give you a cool girl vibe. However, keeping it simple, (maybe with this cult favorite velvet blazer, on sale) and paring it with a t-shirt and denim, thus letting the jacket be the star is also always a winner in my book!


I’ve said this before but the shoe sets the tone of your outfit. Wearing a flat, menswear-inspired loafer or oxford will give you the tomboy feeling your looking for. Buy a quality pair you love with the confidence of knowing you will wear them season after season. I have the Gucci loafer pictured above and know they will be in my closet for years to come! Also, I’ve been reaching for these oxfords and these to wear with everything from maxi dresses to denim lately!

Vintage inspired “boy” sneakers can also give you a borrowed from the boys vibe and are very trendy right now. Look to these for the hottest out right now. Also, love these and these!


Jewelry can also have a masculine feel. Large watch faces in addition to clean, minimal pieces of jewelry like this unisex line from Miansai.  The chain choker necklace like I have on is also a great example. Long skinny scarves and bandana neckerchiefs are also perfect for layering with trench jackets and blazers. Lastly, don’t forget baseball caps, fedoras, and baker caps to polish off your outfit.


Outfit Details

Blazer –  (ON CLEARANCE FOR $10.48)

Levis T-shirt (Love this one here)


Black Oxfords (Obsessed with this brand for less here)

Miansai Cuff 

Do you have menswear pieces you love to wear in your closet now? I’d love to hear about your favorites!

Photography by Cotroneo Photography & Cathy Sunu

xx- Tammy

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