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The Best Of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Best Of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 864 1080 Tammy Caciola

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here, and it’s better than ever! I spent most of the day Wednesday in the store trying on and getting to know what the must-have pieces were! Also, being the crazy shopper I am, buying A LOT as you can tell from the shopping bags above;)

By the way, almost all of this blog posts pictures are from an iPhone, so please forgive that. I think it’s nice to see the pieces look styled and on though.

PRO Tips To Know

Your key to Early Access shopping is your Nordstrom card. If you do not have one yet, you can apply here!  

Don’t worry if you do not have a card; most everything will get restocked when the sale goes public. I say re-stocked because items sell extremely fast! Especially Topshop and Winter Booties.

Because everything sells so quickly if you’re unsure on size, order two pieces. With Nordstrom’s fabulous return policy and free shipping, there aren’t any worries.

This is the best time to treat your self to Stuart Weitzman boots, Vince pieces, and Tech and Beauty Products! Most everything is 40% off!!! It’s a significant discount on the brand new Fall and some Summer pieces.

Trust me when I say the sale is BIG! I’ve spent the time gathering my best pick’s so you wouldn’t have to. The denim is GOOD, sweaters and cardigans are gorgeous, and the shoes are on point!

The following pictures are outfits that I’ve put together in the dressing room. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! I’m here to help! I have my pick’s for more items on the blog here. Everything is broken down into manageable categories! However, I’ll be adding more so check back!

Anniversary Sale

Soft Jacket // Knit Top (Similar)// FRAME denim // Black Point Toe Booties

Anniversary Sale

Cardi (three colors) // T-Shirt // Hat// Booties // Bra // Denim

Faux Shearling Jacket (Will sell FAST, They will Restock it, I’ll let you know) // Soft Henley (multiple colors) // AG Denim // Nike Sneakers // Bra

T-Shirt // Pants (I’m having hemmed) // Heels (multiple Colors) // Net Bag Sold Out (Simular)

T-Shirt // Lace-Up Bottom Pants // Booties

Striped Duster // T-shirt // Black Pants // Booties // Curling Iron

Soft Jersey Jacket // T-Shirt // Denim // Booties

Camo Jacket // Soft Henley Top // Denim // Heels (3 color choices)

Loose Knit Cardi (3 colors) // Star T-Shirt // Jeans // Booties

Tie Slacks // Sweater // Heels

A.L.C. Dress (not on sale) // Studded Ankle Strap Heels

Rose Gold Dress (perfect for now and holidays) // Camo Jacket

I will be updating the site regularly so please check back!


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How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To Wear A Flowy Striped Tunic Dress

How To Wear A Flowy Striped Tunic Dress 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Tunic (Similar Here & Here )// Heels // Glasses // Necklaces // Earrings // Louis Vuitton Pouch

Tunic Dress Obsession

I was obsessed with this tunic dress/shirt from the moment I saw it on sale at a Nordstrom store! The gathered details are just gorgeous! I knew right away that the light fabric would be perfect for hot Texas summers.  Styling it with a skinny, canvas belt I had in my closet gave my waist a little more definition. In addition, I wanted a chic dressed up look so I wore a classic nude heel. Keeping the purse small played well with the proportions creating contrast with the oversized shirt.

When the colder weather comes, I’ll style it with over-the-knee boots and a fur vest. How cute does that sound?! Wearing a tunic over denim pants or leggings with booties is also an excellent option for fall/winter dressing.

Another option for styling a tunic is to just tuck it into your high-waisted pants or denim. Depending upon the thickness of the fabric of your tunic.

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To wear a Tunic Dress - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Do you love tunic year around? Let me know in the comments below.

Photos by: Cotroneo Photography

xx Tammy

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Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.com

How To Style A Date-Night Outfit in 5 Minutes

How To Style A Date-Night Outfit in 5 Minutes 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Date-Night Outfit

With the busy lives we all lead, sometimes it’s hard to fit in the time it takes to put the perfect date-night look together. Especially after rushing around for kids sports games, practices, and other endless obligations. None the less, with the following tips you’ll be able to be quickly be dressed and ready in 5 minutes or less!

First,  you need to have these pieces in your closet already. Once you have these wardrobe staples, putting an outfit together will be much easier.

Neutral Colors

Silk camisole tops and slip dresses are sexy and easy for a date-night outfit! Just something about wearing lingerie out in public right?! If it’s a chilly night, add a knit cardigan layered over. The contrast of fabrics will only add to the chic, sexy feel.

Choose neutral colors for easy outfit formulas. For example, if you have a black, white, or champagne top piece, it will pair well with either black, white, or champagne on the bottom. Monochrome outfits work well here also, such as all black. You cannot go wrong with any combination of neutrals really.

You could also wear any of those neutral colors with blue denim for a more casual feel.

Slip Dress

A one-and-done slip dress is also a perfect choice. Look to silk fabrics for a pretty sheen to give you a special look for the night.

The cuts should be close to your body, not boxy. Tucking in a cami as I have done here will give you a waist and elongate your legs. I’m always looking for any trick that will help to make my legs look longer!

Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.comShoe Choices

Having a classic pump is a must in everyone’s closet. If you do not have a pair or two yet, now is the time to change that! Again look to the neutral colors for your quick outfit selections. A pointed toe pump will elongate your leg and make you feel sexy.

I think a wedge heel is more suited for a girls/family night. However, comfort is also needed so that we enjoy ourselves. I have found this budget-friendly brand to be the most comfortable heel I own.

Remember the shoe doesn’t need to be a high heel. I look for either a classic pump or minimal strappy sandals with a lower heel.

Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Date-night outfit with neutrals - www.HerFashionedLife.com

Photos by: Cotroneo Photography

xx Tammy

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Rainbow Print Trend

How To Style The Trending Summer Print: Rainbow

How To Style The Trending Summer Print: Rainbow 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Summer Fashion Trends: Rainbow Print

Dress // Jacket (Similar) // Bag (Similar) // Heels // Sunglasses // Earrings // Necklace

Rainbow Print

As much as I love neutrals, I’m embracing this fun summer trend. The rainbow print trend is here to brighten all of our days. This statement-making print is also very versatile. You can pair the accessories with any of the multiple colors, or keep it simple with neutral pieces.

Rainbow print has been trending for a couple of years, and I would say it is going to be around next Spring/Summer season also. I invested in these gorgeous strappy heels last year seen in this post here, and I’m entirely thrilled with my choice!

Styling The Colors

I fell in love with the dress I have on immediately when I saw it! I couldn’t wait to style the bright sequins with a contrasting an olive-green army jacket. (Side note, yes that is me on the designer, Romi Basha’s homepage with this same SQUAD army jacket!) A strappy neutral shoe would be the norm. However, these golden Gucci mules lent to the contrasting look I was going for. I also added red drop earrings to bring the color above the jacket and balance out the outfit.

How To Style Rainbow Print Dress


Rainbow Print Dress with Green Army Jacket

Green Army Jacket Style

YSL Designer Bag and Metallic Gucci Designer Heels

Rainbow Print Sequin Slip Dress Style

Rainbow Print Summer Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Gucci Gold Metallic Mules

Squad Army Jacket and YSL Red Leather Bag

Summer Jacket Trend - Army Jacket

Summer Fashion Rainbow Metallic Slip Dress

How To Style Rainbow Print Fashion Tips

Photos by: Cotroneo Photography

xx Tammy

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Beach Accessories

Must-Pack Beach Vacation Accessories

Must-Pack Beach Vacation Accessories 722 1080 Tammy Caciola

Must-Pack Beach Vacation Accessories

Beach Accessories

Beach Bag // Furry Slides // Yellow Dress // Visor (Similar) // Sunglasses

It’s full-on vacation time peeps, and I have rounded up some beach vacation accessories that will keep you in style when you get there! In addition, there are some pieces you might not have thought of that I think you will love!

If you need more tricks to pack like a pro, don’t miss this post here.


Woven Rectangle Bag

Woven bags are definitely a must-have for summer! This one is must-have at $69.00!


Portable Waterproof Speaker

On Sale Now

Toss this speaker into your beach bag. Music at the beach, pool or car is always a good thing!


Woven Bag

Completely obsessed with this new designer, Alienina! They are selling quickly but you can get on the waitlist for restocks. They are worth the wait ladies!

Treasure & Bond

Tassel Wrap

Such a versatile piece! Use it for an extra belted layer over clothes, cover-up, beach towel or scarf on the plane. At 34 x 82, it’s big. However, it is a gauze material that doesn’t take up much space!


Plage Protective Sun Veil

I use this spray in my daily routine. It gives my hair a light texture, smells great, and separates the strands without any drying ingredients.

If I’m going to be in the sun, I grab this product to take with me because it also shields hair from the UV rays.


Striped Zippered Clutch

Must-have for small items inside your beach bag and it doubles as a clutch.


Lightweight Towel

I love to pack my own lightweight towel and ShopBob has some good ones!

Beach Bag
Urban Outfitters

Resin Circle Drop Earrings

Love these lightweight earrings to elevate your swimsuit!

Who What Where

Macrame Crossbody Bag

This stunning bag will get you so many compliments and look much more expensive than the $27.99 is costs! Hurry before it sells out!


Portable Charge Pack

Do yourself a huge favor and grab one of these, because if you do not need it for your portable speaker or phone, someone is guaranteed too!

Beach Visor

Sunscreen Cream Active

This is the winner of an in-depth review I read! I tried it and it is crazy good! No greasy feeling and works!

Ancient Greek

Polka Dot Sandals

How cute is the polka dot print on these comfortable sandals? This print is almost a neutral that you can mix with different prints as well!

Hat Attack

Lux Tote

This bag is big enough for towels but will also fold flat in your luggage. I Love the zipper pouch inside too keep track of small items.

All you need to do is tie a coordinating scarf around the handle! It would be super cute to completely wrap each handle with scarves also! A solid black would be very chic. How To Video HERE.

xx Tammy

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Summer Layers

Chic Summer Layers

Chic Summer Layers 1620 1080 Tammy Caciola

Chic Summer Layers Pinterest ButtonHow To Wear Chic Summer Layers

Long Cardigan (Similar$29.00) // Black Silk Top // Belt // White Denim // Purse // Shoes // Necklace // Necklace

Summer Layers

Living in Texas and Arizona my whole life, you wouldn’t think I would need to know about summer layers. It’s funny though in these extremely hot days (above 100 most of July and August) everywhere you go indoors, the AC is turned down so low it’s freezing cold. Don’t think about going to the grocery store or movie theater without a jacket! So, I have had to layer my summer outfits a lot. I feel like layers are much more interesting anyway!

Chic Layers

To me, achieving a chic look means ditching the patterns, unless it’s a stripe. Going with solid pieces is what will give you timeless, chic style. (This blazer here is so good!) However, make sure to mix in light materials and show some skin on your first layers. I have on a light silk, sleeveless top here.

If you wear pants, keep them shorter, so your ankles show instead of entirely covering them. I had mine hemmed here, but you can just cut them off as well. Your outfit will feel lighter. Showing more skin also helps keep you cooler in the heat. White or lightly destroyed denim are both excellent choices.

If you keep your accessories neutral and made of organic materials, that will give you a summer feel. The texture in my purse and mules are a perfect example of lighting up a long cashmere duster. I can take it off in the hot car and have it on to snuggle up in a movie!

Chic Summer Accessories

How To Wear Layers in Summer

Accessories with Texture - Woven Mules and Rope Bag

Long Dusters

Long Dusters are my favorite layer. They are so so versatile! From shorts to skirts and destroyed denim, a duster will bring your outfit to the next level.



Long Cardigan Style in Summer

Head-to-Toe Style in Chic Summer Layers

Summer Shoe Style - Slip On Woven Mules Gucci Belt Style In Summer


Blazers are an ideal layer for looking a bit more put together. This blush pink linen blazer for $17.49 is a no-brainer for summer layers!


Summer Fashion in Neutral Colors

Denim Jacket

A denim jack gives your outfit more structure. A silk slip dress or flowy chiffon fabric contrasts well with the denim.



Do you have to use Summer layers where you live?

xx Tammy

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The Best Swimwear Edit For Summer 2018

The Best Swimwear Edit For Summer 2018 1616 1080 Tammy Caciola

The Best Swimwear Edit For Summer 2018

Summertime is here along with long pool and beach days! It seems like the good swimwear also goes very quickly. However, I have found some excellent pieces for you to shop and feel great in all summer long!

This is the first year I have branched my swimwear out to Topshop and H&M. The prices are so affordable, styles are on trend and fabrics are gorgeous. The low pricing also frees up my budget to spend more elsewhere on coverups and summer slides. If you are looking for summer sandals, don’t miss this post here!

Whatever your budget, I have you covered below!


Stripe Side Tie One Piece

I bought this one piece for my last trip and absolutely love it! The high cut leg openings elongate my shorter legs! It’s very cute worn as a bodysuit under shorts or a skirt also. Actually, most one pieces are perfect to double as a top!

Tori Burch

Flounce Ruffled Triangle Bikini

On Sale Now

Super cute with the ruffle detail that runs down the back of straps also.


Fox One Piece

Obsessed with this suit! I have a Freepeople swimsuit from last year that I still reach for! Great quality and cuts!

Urban Outfitters

Ciao One Piece Suit

This suit would look amazing with cut-off shorts over also!


V-Neck One Piece

H&M has trendy and classic pieces, such as this black swimsuit everyone needs! I really want this suit so I can wear it as a bodysuit also!

Did you know H&M now takes your unwanted clothes for recycling and gives you 15% off your new purchases!

Solid & Striped

The Anne Marie One Piece

This is a classic cut that fits perfectly. I have two in different patterns and wear them constantly!

Solid & Striped

The Joan One Piece

This suit is my go-to this year! Solid & Striped has the perfect coverage on the bum and the belt feature is my favorite!

Norma Kamali

Low Back Mio Suit

This one piece had me at stars!


Triangle Bikini Top

This print is perfect for summer!

Lovers + Friends

Goodvibes Two Piece

This suit has a vintage feel I love! It also comes in two different prints.


Black Gingham Sporty Bikini

Stylish, trendy and mom approved!


Contrast Stripe One Piece

This suit is perfection! The contrasting waist stripe defines and shapes your body! This suit also comes in curvy and petite.

xx Tammy

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Day To Night With A Floral Print Dress

Day To Night With A Floral Print Dress 720 1080 Tammy Caciola


Day To Night Pinterest ButtonFloral Print Dress Style For NightDress // ShoesSimilar // Bag // Similar Earrings // Similar Necklace

If you have been following along with me here or on Instagram, you know that I usually gravitate toward solid pieces of clothing. Aside from stripes or stars, I do not have many prints in my wardrobe. However, when I saw this vibrant floral dress and tried it on, I had to have it! First, it fits me like a glove and is the perfect shape for summer! With the corset top, there is no bra needed. I hate wearing bras in the heat…too personal? 🙂  The fabric is also a linen blend which breathes very well in the in warm weather. I fell in love with the fun floral print and the color palette!

Styled For Night

Dooney and Bourke Blue Handbag Style

Mara Hoffman Floral Print DressHow to Style Floral Prints

I love to dress up for date night! Perfect time to pull out my favorite heels to wear. I layered on the jewelry with this look, because the dress could handle it without being overwhelmed. With my hair up, I felt like the chunky necklaces gave me a little more coverage also. The gorgeous Dooney and Bourke bag I’m carrying is the exact blue color in the dress, perfect! Finally, I kept the sunglasses fun and light pink.

Floral Dress Styling For Evening


Styled For Day

Floral Dress Styling For Daytime

This dress is super fun and easy to style for the day! You swap the heels for white sneakers, black would also work because of the black accents in the dress. Then, top it off with a casual layer such as this light linen jacket I have on. A denim piece would also be perfect with the blue accents on the dress! Style your hair a bit more casual with a braid and lighten up the jewelry. You’re ready to explore the town on your vacation!

Floral Dress Styled With Pink Denim Jacket

Mara Hoffman Dress Styled With White Sneakers

Styled For The Beach

Floral Dress Styled With Black Accessories

I changed to all black accessories for the beach or pool. The black plays off the darker accents in the fabric so well! The accessories are also organic and textured, giving a beachy feel.

Mara Hoffman Dress Styled With Black

Mara Hoffman Floral Print Dress

Shopping Options

Which is your favorite look above?


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white dress for summer

The Best White Dresses For Summer

The Best White Dresses For Summer 789 1080 Tammy Caciola

Best White Dresses For Summer Pin ButtonWhite Dress Outfit For Summer

White Dress // Coral Sandals // Ark BagDupe Bag $59.00 // Sunglasses

White Dresses

Hard to believe it is May and summer is almost here! Kiddos will be out of school and vacations, summer camps and backyard get-togethers are all around the corner. White dresses are a part of summertime in my book! Fresh and clean to contrast your tan skin. Accent them with natural basket bags for a lighter feel than leather bags. Add a pop of color with your sandals or earring choices. Keeping it all neutral with natural sandals is also a favorite summer look of mine! Lots of perfect sandal choices in the Timeless Sandal Edit here.

Try styling a dress backward like I did with the white dress I’m wearing in this post. I liked the little bow in front for a little more coverage.

Summer White Dress With Accessories

Summer White Dress With Embroidery Details


Summer White Dress and Red Shoes Outfit

Summer White Dress for Vacation

Cult Gaia Bag with White Dress OutfitWhite Dress For Summer Style

Summer Outfit Style Outfit Inspiration for SummerSummer Fashion in a White Dress

What do you love to refresh your closet with at the beginning of summer?

Thank you for reading!

xx Tammy

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Polka dot dress

Styling A Polka Dot Dress Three Ways

Styling A Polka Dot Dress Three Ways 720 1080 Tammy Caciola

Polka Dot Dress with denim jacket


Polka dot dress with denim jacket

The polka dot trend is coming back around. I remember wearing this print in the 80’s! Princess Di and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman also jumped in on the trend. It’s such a fun and actually versatile print when styled right.  Minnie Mouse is the best, however looking like her is not my goal 🙂

I have styled the same polka dot dress three ways for you!

I started with the daytime look here. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you will receive styling tips for the trendy look which is super cute and the date night look, which is totally chic! I’m using the same $49.00 polka dot dress in all three outfits to give you three completely different looks!

Daytime Styling For A Polka Dot Dress

When you wear polka dots in the day, mix it up with natural textures, such as denim jeans or a denim jacket over your shoulders. For shoe choices, I like to be comfortable in the day so I gravitate toward espadrille sneakers, or sandals, (See sandal post here) or low block heels. Choosing one of these shoe styles will give you the casual look you’re going for. Lastly, wearing a crossbody bag will also give you daytime feels in your outfit!

You’re not going to want to miss the other two styling options for this dress! Date Night Chic and a fun Trendy Look!


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    Outfit Details



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